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CTS-V Sport Wagon Is A Go!

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On: Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 11:24AM | By: John Welch

CTS-V Sport Wagon Is A Go!

It has an interior constructed of balsa wood, formica fiber board, and goat hides. It's oddly porportioned, has a wretched driver's-left blindspot, and almost fills a two-car garage. Normally these issues would cause me to absolutely hate and mistrust a car, verbally tearing it to shreds at every opportunity. Normally. Fortunately for the Cadillac CTS, the intangibles greatly out-weight the direct by-products of GM bureaucracy. It is a fantastic car.

How could GM possibly make me overlook all the obvious quality issues that I've noticed in their vehicles since my first ride in an '88 Celebrity? For starters, build an angular BMW that actually handles like a BMW, and shoehorn a blown smallblock under its eager bonnet. Ok, we've got the near-600 horsepower, tire euthanizer - now we need to make the car cooler . . . . WAGON TIME!

Confirmed to Car and Driver by my man Bob (Lutz), the CTS-V Sport Wagon will be pounding pavement in Detroit by the end of 2010. Add to that the long-awaited CTS and CTS-V Coupes, and Cadillac is suddenly a player in the great Uber-Sedan Wars of the 21st Century. A bloody campaign already being waged by all of the German heavy-weights, the battle has raged for nearly 20 grueling years - producing such gems as the BMW M5/6, the Audi RS6, and all of the road-going Panzers Mercedes could possibly slap an AMG badge onto. This is a hot fight, among serious competitors. Newcomers should not enter the fray with garbage products. Even the mighty Porsche is receiving luke-warm reviews for its Panamera, a car blessed with the smoothest interior design this side of Tuscany.

Cadillac knows it has to directly combat these Teutonic behemoths on their own soil. The base CTS may just steal a few sales from the E-Class and 5 Series, but it won't make any significant dent. The last CTS was a solid car, but to Europeans it was vulgar in every sense of the word. Sure it handled competently and was priced five to ten grand less than its adversaries, but none of that made the vulgarity palatable. The car didn't offer a diesel, or a wagon, and subsequently didn't sell very well on a continent obsessed with diesels and wagons. With the CTS-V, however, enough Europeans were seduced by the cheapo-speed and guttural bark of the American V8 to overlook the crappy construction and All-English, All-The-Time arrogance of the controls and dials. Every CTS-V sent to Britain and Germany was sold. Hhmmm, sounds like American and European tastes aren't that dissimilar . . . so we are back at the same question we were mulling at the beginning of this article: how can GM improve a good thing? WAGON TIME!

The CTS Sport Wagon is attractive enough on its own, but the angular styling Cadillac adorns the V models with is heads and tails more menacing than the stock bumper. It looks serious, it looks like it could be raced, if it wanted to. Add the utility and styling that comes with the wagon, and you have a winner, both here and in the E.U. I may be wrong, but I think Americans are ready to embrace wagons. Our love of the Subaru Outback and Toyota/Pontiac Vibe/Matrix may have gotten us over our wagon-aversions. The Europeans may not warm up to the cost-effective interior, but they will be absolutely seduced by the raw, murderous horsepower . . . it won't hurt that they can get a wagon, and that said wagon will be tens of thousands of Euros cheaper tha1n its native counterparts. Oh, and it can crush them all in any test of outright speed.

Hurry up, GM; this car will help ease the damage done by that sure-fire failure, the Volt. Also, I'd appreciate it if those Europeans had posters of Cadillacs on their walls, as I have financed the "BMW Wall Decoration" industry for many, many years . . . a little reciprocation, that's all I ask! Give them a reason to reciprocate, GM . . .

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