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Ferrari Brings Free Maintenance Program To North America

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On: Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 3:53PM | By: Andrew W Davis

Ferrari Brings Free Maintenance Program To North America

Got the coin to order a 2012 Ferrari but can’t afford to maintain it? Well, you no longer have to worry about that—at least not for the next seven years—thanks to the firm’s newly announced Genuine Maintenance Program.

You read that right; Ferrari North America is “happy to announce a new customer care service: clients ordering a 2012 Ferrari California, 458 Italia or FF from the authorized dealership network will be entitled to a free seven-year scheduled maintenance program.”

Now before you go and assume it’s a gimmick the firm’s been forced to use to move its unwanted metal, keep in mind that we’re talking about FERRARI, a company that hasn’t ever had to resort to zero-percent financing, large cash rebates or any of the other financial shenanigans most carmakers can’t seem sell cars without.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “If you can afford a Ferrari you can afford to service it.” That’s true. And the fact that Ferrari’s coverage is for an unprecedented SEVEN YEARS begs the question, “Why?”

Well, frankly, I don’t know. Some say it’s a move to restore Ferrari’s image in the wake of the self-immolating 458 Italia debacle. Regardless, I’ve looked over their offer and haven’t found any caveats or clauses that indicate in any way that Ferrari’s not on the level here.

See for yourself:

“With the introduction of the Ferrari Genuine Maintenance seven-year program, the Prancing Horse continues to set the standard throughout the industry for customer care. Genuine Maintenance is Ferrari’s exclusive service that ensures that its vehicles are maintained to the highest standards to meet the company’s strict requirements for safety, performance and reliability. The program is unique—this is the first time an automobile manufacturer offers such coverage and is evidence of the attention paid by Ferrari to ensuring its clients enjoy the maximum peace of mind. The Genuine Maintenance program covers each individual vehicle, and thus extends to any eventual subsequent owner during the entire seven-year period.

“The program covers the scheduled maintenance labour at standard service intervals (12,500 miles, or once a year, with no restriction on total mileage) along with the relative genuine spare parts, and approved lubricants. The advantage to the owner is the assurance that the vehicle will be subject to regular annual inspections by Ferrari-trained personnel using factory-approved dedicated diagnostic equipment.”

With the addition of the North American market, the program is one step closer to becoming “the first maintenance plan of its kind to be offered around the world.” It will be “progressively available in all Ferrari markets in the next few months and will involve the global authorized dealership network.”

Here are examples of the savings offered by other luxury carmakers’ similar—but less extensive—free scheduled maintenance programs, according to The New York Times: BMW (four years/50,000 miles): $2865; Jaguar (five years/50,000 miles): $1552; Lincoln (three years/45,000 miles): $1113; and Volvo (five years/60,000 miles): $2093.

God only knows how much more servicing a Ferrari at a factory-authorized dealer using nothing but Factory-produced materials costs for the same time-frame as BMW's program, let alone for the additional three years and unlimited miles Ferrari’s offering.

Look, my advice is simple: forget the “why” and just enjoy your service-fee-free Ferrari. After all, as the saying goes, one should never look a gift (Prancing) Horse in the mouth....


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