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A Lesson In Distaste: Miami GT Kit Car From DDR Motorsport

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On: Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 9:24AM | By: Chris Weiss

A Lesson In Distaste: Miami GT Kit Car From DDR Motorsport

Ever want to transform your otherwise legitimate but perhaps somewhat plebeian sports coupe into a generic, McLaren F1/Saleen S7 supercar knockoff? You're in luck, but only if your sports coupe is a circa 2002 to 2006 Acura RSX, 1997 to 2002 Chevrolet Corvette or 1989 to 1996 Toyota MR-2. The Miami GT kit car from DDR Motorsports transforms your car into a super-machine (at least in terms of looks).

The Miami GT is a mid-engined coupe with tubular steel space frame, fiberglass body and plenty of fancy Kevlar and carbon fiber strewn about. It also includes such components as the turn signals, windshield and dashboard. You're on your own when it comes to such things as the suspension, wheels, seats and steering. DDR also allows for plenty of customization.

DDR is powered by a desire to make affordable supercars. But is a generically-styled, MR-2-based kit car really a supercar? No, not all that super in any way, shape or form.

And is it me or is Miami just the wrong name for a car like this. If you're going to drive around in a bright orange faux-F1 you should probably do it in a town where Lamborghinis, Ferraris and perhaps even real F1s aren't commonplace. This thing might make you look cool in Nebraska, but I don't think it's going to impress much of anyone in Miami. I vote for Nebraska GT.

If you disagree, about $20,000 and a donor car will put you behind the wheel of this kit car.

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world | 1:23AM (Wed, Aug 31, 2011)

I like your site very much.............


s15civic | 8:07AM (Sun, May 27, 2012)

I disagree with you. The miami gt is a great name for the car. And the car weighs 1765 lbs and with the corvette motor in it runs mid 12's and can reach 200+ mph and with the 3sgte modified can run the came or better in a quater but not as high mph. And the car is beautiful and gives the person they built something that not a average person or person with money can just go out and but but would have to spill blood, sweat and tears to build.


gameseller | 2:38PM (Fri, Aug 9, 2013)

Well I had the unfortunate luck of ording one of these. 12k and a year and a half I still have no car, no responses from DDR Motorsport and am having to sue the guy to try and get my money back. Stay clear. Check out ddrlawsuit for more details.

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