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Monterey The DXL Way: The Finest In Food, Fun And Ferraris

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On: Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 9:33AM | By: Andrew W Davis

Monterey The DXL Way: The Finest In Food, Fun And Ferraris

I’m sorry if I seem a bit down today, but I’ve got that “Why-is-wealth-wasted-on-the-wealthy?” kind of blues. It’s totally my fault, as I am poor and therefore have no business reading Sports Car Market magazine with an undeserved sense of entitlement.

Sure, everyone likes Ferraris, even those that can’t afford them. And even journalist wretches like yours truly can get into almost every event and function held during the seemingly five-month-long “Pebble Beach Weekend” (try walking it all just once and you’ll see how time-distortion is the BEST by-product of the experience). But even top-shelf Media badges will only get you close enough to the hoi-polloi to see how much better their vantage points, food, company, etc., are than yours.

But now someone’s come along and made everything I thought was “the best you can get” during the Weekend and made it clear that there is DEFINITELY something better (though even MORE out of my price range): their aptly-named “Prestige Adventure.”

If that name alone doesn’t get your blue blood a-pumpin’, the description will. Though the name of the company presenting it—“DrivingXllence”—is a little odd (they shorten it to “DXL” in their stuff, so I will do the same from now on), their offerings are not.

Ordinarily—that word seems strange in this context—they are known for putting rich butts into fine Ferraris for driving tours, track days and the like. Now they are also offering to put said butts into said cars in conjunction with the Concours, creating a combo-plate of a four- (or five-) day driving experience that includes the finest of just about everything you could ask for before, during and after the Concours itself.

Yes, you drive around in one (at a time) of five types of modern Ferraris—a 458 Italia coupe, a 599 GTB Fiorano coupe, a “California” convertible, an F430 Spider drop-top and the F430 Spider’s harder-edged sister, the “Scuderia”—in the days leading up to the event; then you and said Ferraris ATTEND the Concours (and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion!) in conditions previously known only to real movers and sheik-ers. Then you can choose to spend the next day driving said Ferraris back to the event’s starting place in Los Angeles, should you not be completely bereft of a soul and choose to enjoy that additional fifth day that most people—myself included—would hock the family's silver for. [I'll throw in some of the actual family, too. Get back to me with your terms.]

Along the way you’ll get to spend your non-Ferrari-piloting time eating in the finest of restaurants and staying in “accommodations” that are far nicer than the word implies—like Hotel Angelino in L.A. and the Ventana Inn in jaw-dropping, eye-popping, magical-view-having Big Sur, perched high on a hill with a world-class view of the Pacific Ocean (your opinion may vary).

Now I’m a Central-California boy, born and raised. As a youth in San Jose and adult in nearby Hollister, I have driven every road they include hundreds of times, passed by all the establishments they mention and know all them all better than BOTH my hands. I’ve been back only once in the last six years (I’ve been in exile in southeastern Michigan), but I can tell you that the things you'll see out there will seem entirely alien. Not just to someone who’s never been, but to anyone coming back after any length of time.

[I mean it’s “alien” in the fantastical, “Avatar”-minus-the-evil-invaders way, NOT the stranded-on-a-spaceship-with-face-grabbing-and-chest-popping-creatures way. At least not during this part of August, so far as I know, but I’ve been away, so consult local law enforcement regarding status of killer aliens.]

There are also a few REAL evil invaders into the idyll of this “Adventure,” though if you’re rich—and therefore the target audience—they won’t apply to you.

First, to answer the question everyone has been asking since I started this, your four- (or five!-) day, 600- (or 900!-) mile dive into the creamy goodness that is this "Adventure" will cost you $12,500.

[At this point I’ll pause to let the readers overcome with “the vapors” at hearing that to come to. Back? OK.]

There are a few “gimmes” you get along with the stuff I mentioned earlier, including a money-saving—I think—pass for you to include any passenger you can belt into the seat beside yours, gratis. You also get an “exclusive gift bag” and pictures and video are included.

For those of you who can ALMOST swing this, they require 50 percent “now”, with the balance to be due “later.” But as “Vinnie” my “financial advisor” would say, “If you ain’t got the scratch when it’s due, they’re gonna do more than ‘scratch’ you.” [And believe me, he means it.]

So there you have it. If you’re looking for the best way to experience the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance on the 18th fairway of the world’s to-die-for golf course and the always-exciting Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion at my “home” track—Laguna Seca (Sorry, Mazda!)—while being given the privilege to pilot an array of Maranello’s hottest honeys, it’s this pauper’s opinion that DXL’s program is the way to go.

[And if you’re listening DXL, I would be happy—VERY happy—to do additional features that involve you getting me to California and into your Ferraris. In fact, I’ll fly cargo and settle for just ONE Ferrari, and I’ll let YOU choose it for me. Deal? Oh. Alright, how about if…]


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