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Feebay's Top Five Sales For June Is A Lamborghini Fest

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On: Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 9:15AM | By: Andrew W Davis

Feebay's Top Five Sales For June Is A Lamborghini Fest

If you’re anything like me (God help you), you spend a fair amount of your online idle time poking around eBay, with special attention paid to eBay Motors and its bevy of fantastic cars you can’t afford and wretches you wish you couldn’t.

But I’ve noticed an odd phenomenon on eBay regarding the former (i.e. the unaffordable exotic) the VAST majority aren’t selling, whether at auction (rare), “Buy-It-Now” (ditto) or the only seemingly-viable method, “Best Offer.” For all the multi-million-dollar listing and asking prices on the site, there aren’t ANY selling prices anywhere NEAR that high.

In fact, the highest recorded sales price you can find in the site’s “completed listings” is the $255,000 “Best Offer” sale of a used orange ’08 Lambo Murcielago. The NEXT THREE of the “top five" automotive sellers are Lamborghinis, too, though not all the same model, seller, year, etc.

So, as my gift to you, eBay’s five top-dollar car sales as of July 1, 2011, await you with just one mouse-click and NO searching required on your part. Just remember that you heard it here first, and that if any other site starts doing this they are dirty, dirty thieves. Enjoy…

TOP SELLER: $255,000 — 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago — [June 22, 2011]


Bellagio Motors of Costa Mesa, Calif., is shown as getting that top price for a metallic orange “2008 Lamborghini Murcielago 2dr LP640 Coupe AWD” when they accepted it to complete it as a “Best Offer” sale. Crammed and covered with every option imaginable—or at least available—this 6,256-mile-old two-owner example went for far less than its $400k MSRP. Lesson? Even if you achieve the highest sale price on eBay, you’ll STILL be hammered by the depreciation curve on new-ish exotics.

TOP SELLER #2: $250,000 — 2007 Lamborghini “Versace” Murcielago — [June 19, 2011]


Though its sale price was $5k less, this is still the Murcielago coupe to own. Number 13 of 20 “Versace Edition” cars built—ten in white, ten in black like this one—the rarity of the model should serve the buyer better in the long-term. More than the usual “sticker-and-badge special,” the Versace Edition came with unique detailing inside and out, plus seemingly all the performance and comfort goodies Lamborghini offered. Sold by what I assume is a “wheels-and-tires” retailer in Newport Beach, Calif., this ’07 Lambo is still a pup with just 3,799 claimed miles and looks stunning in this Darth Vader-esque color scheme.

TOP SELLER #3: $245,750 — 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago — [June 18, 2011]


It’s to Texas and Lamborghini Houston we go for the eBay’s second-runner-up—and latest of the Murcielago coupes—a 2009 model in “Rosso Vik” (Pearl Red Metallic) with “shiny black Hermera rims,” E-Gear transmission and navigation camera [that should explain the auction’s title: “E-Gear Rosso Vik Black Hermera Rims Navigation Camera”]. Yes, this strawberry street-missile sold the old-fashioned way, with five bidders vying for the chance to dance with this, the poster-car for depreciation (this near-new Lambo had an MSRP of $407,930, or over $162k more than the winning bid). The relatively high mileage—listed as 8,864 mi—might have hurt this car’s bottom-line, but I’ll bet the weird special-order paint color hurt more.

TOP SELLER #4: $238,990 — 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo — [June 26, 2011]


Hey! We’ve gotten to our first non-Murcielago! It’s still a Lamborghini, however, and a special one at that. Though not brand-new—it has 560 indicated miles—it’s still as new as you’re likely to find for a “used” 2011 Gallardo Superleggera LP-570-4 coupe. It’s “barely [sic] broken in and as new as they come” in fact, according to the listing posted by “BJ Motors” of “Texas, United States.” In the same “Arancio Borealis” (Pearl Orange) as the top-selling Murcielago with black trim and details, it does “look the business” as the Brits say. But it’s also “bumping up against the prices of Murcielagos” as I say. Used Murcie or new-ish Gallardo: which would you choose?

TOP SELLER #5: $180,000 — 2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia — [June 29, 2011]


For those of you wondering what the next-highest—and/or the first NON-Lambo—car went for, here it is. This bright red 2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia coupe is listed by its selling dealer—the world-famous Ron Tonkin Gran Tourismo of Portland, OR—as “an absolute gem” having just 4,315 miles on it. That color is fitting, as you have to go through pages of red prices (non-sellers)—with ever-plummeting dollar amounts—until you reach this car, the next green (sold) one.

So there you go. If our economy were based on selling cars via eBay, I’d say you should invest in Lamborghinis. Then again, if Murcielagos are selling at the top of the market, maybe you SHOULDN’T buy them as their values are sure to come down in favor of another flavor-of-the-month.

[Of course, if you’re getting your financial advice from ME, you have a whole OTHER problem…]

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