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Coolest (Most Sadistic?) Dad Ever Teaches Son to Drive In A Ferrari 458

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On: Thu, Jul 7, 2011 at 10:26AM | By: Chris Weiss

Coolest (Most Sadistic?) Dad Ever Teaches Son to Drive In A Ferrari 458

I don't know whether I'd be excited or terrified if my father had handed me the keys to a Ferrari when taking me for my first on-road driving lesson. I can just imagine wrapping my sweaty, 16-year-old hands around that intimidating, controls-lined steering wheel, taking a big gulp and trying to get the courage to start up the rumbling V-8 engine. I suppose if it was at a point where I'd developed a little confidence, I would have loved it. Otherwise, it would have been a horrifying moment.

The YouTube user that uploaded the video—Schmee150, as it were—says that it's authentic and that this is actually a first-time driver in his old man's 458 Italia. Of course, it's hard to tell since neither one is actually filmed on the video. In fact, I'll save you the disappointment I endured—the video is mostly just a pan-around of the "L" learning permits on the car taken by a surprised passerby. Eventually, the owner's voice breaks in at the end saying "First time driver." The engine starts and that's it.

I was really hoping for an irate father screaming something like "OFF THE GAS!!! Brake, brake!!!" from inside the car, but no such luck. Still, the idea that there's a teen driver earning his driver's license in a 562-hp Ferrari is a story in itself.

You figure this kid is grateful that his dad's letting him drive the 458? Knowing how obnoxious and jaded teens can be, I'm wondering if he's not thinking something like "Wow, dad, my friend at school got to learn on a 599 GTB. Get with it."

We don't anticipate there'll be many opportunities to see a cherry-red Ferrari tattooed with "Ls" in the future, and it only takes a minute:


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