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Video: Merc-McLaren Hits 93 MPH In Parking Garage

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On: Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 11:07AM | By: Chris Weiss

Video: Merc-McLaren Hits 93 MPH In Parking Garage

You know what you see way too much of in parking garages? Boring, white, small and mid-sized cars parked neatly, row by row. You know what you don't see nearly enough of in parking garages? Empty spaces during key times, for one, but also Mercedes-McLaren SLR's hitting nearly 100 on the speedometer. And if you don't see enough standard SLRs doing that, you certainly don't see enough one-of-four Brabus-tuned SLR Roadsters doing it.

Here's your chance to turn the tides.

The video is fun just for its pure, random originality, but I'd much rather see the 650-hp (as tuned by Brabus) 5.5-liter V-8 opened up on a Sunday morning highway or track. Between pedestrians, tight corners and lots of parked cars, you really can't do this Brabus SLR Roadster justice from the cramped confines of parking garage. At least it’s the Brabus SLR Roadster and not the (heinous) Hamman Volcano or (even heinouser) Asma Perfectus SLR or (heinicus definicus) Anliker SLR 999 Red Gold Dream.

Driving 90 mph in a parking garage—pure stupid? Definitely. But at least it's stupid with style. And the Youtube poster that claims to be the passenger even goes so far as to apologize for his annoying, giddy cackle. I think he should have apologized separately for a few too many "Wows," but we'll let it slide since he shared this clip for all to enjoy.

I still remember the day that I had to report the news of the last McMerc SLR Stirling Moss Edition, a sad day indeed. More recently, seemingly out of the blue, McLaren announced the 25-model 'McLaren SLR Edition' limited edition.

Though each company has done us right, Mercedes with the SLS AMG and McLaren with the MP4-12C and upcoming Bugatti beater, we'll have a little soft spot for the SLR. So it's good that Youtube's around to provide thoroughly random joy-ride clips.



Ian | 5:29AM (Thu, Jul 7, 2011)

Not the ideal place to test drive or have a chance to drive a McLaren. A parking garage is definitely constricting. I would have to take it on the open road or at least around the block.


DipStick | 7:05AM (Thu, Jul 7, 2011)

I would rather have that car on a nice winding road like Sonora Pass...

  • DipStick


dwalter | 4:25PM (Mon, Jul 18, 2011)

Luckily that thing is loud enough (especially in a parking garage) that no one got in their way.

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