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Sedan or SUV? Lamborghini Still Unsure.

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On: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 2:32PM | By: Chris Weiss

Sedan or SUV? Lamborghini Still Unsure.

Previous sound bites from Stephan Winkelmann had all but confirmed that Lamborghini is building a sedan as its third model. But a new Car and Driver report indicates that Lamborghini still isn't 100 percent behind the sedan. In fact, the report brings us right back to last summer, at which point it was reported that Lamborghini was debating between an SUV and a sedan.

Lamborghini wants its third model to be more of a practical, everyday driver, words that certainly don't describe the two-seat Gallardo or Aventador LP700-4. But what form that everyday model will take appears to be undecided. It's in the process of finishing up test versions of an SUV and sedan. The Bull will test both models this summer before making a decision on which will proceed to production. Lamborghini hopes to have a decision made by October, with a production timetable leading to a 2015 release. A concept version is expected to debut in 2013, and if we had to place bets, we'd put it all on either Geneva or Frankfurt.

When Stephan Winkelmann expressed a strong preference for a Lamborghini sedan last year, the automotive world all but forgot about the SUV. In the process, it ignored one major factor: While Winkelmann certainly has some pull in Sant'Agata, there are more powerful voices in the greater corporate structure. And one of the most powerful voices around comes from Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech, who is reportedly very excited about an SUV. So despite the fact that Winkelmann called the SUV a "no go," suddenly, it's starting to look more SUV and less sedan in terms of Lambo's #3.

Unfortunately, from the sounds of it, an SUV won't be a hardcore off-roader like LM002 of the 80s and 90s, but more of a comfortable luxury vehicle. On the plus side, emphasis on speed and power are inherent in the design, with rumors pointing to a V-12 and lightweight, two-door build.

A V-12 Lambo SUV would slide into a comfortable market of one and would undoubtedly appeal to the rich enclave of oil mavericks in the great off-road realm of the Middle East. Car and Driver speculates a price of $425,000+. If Lamborghini does give it the green light, it will be interesting to see if any competitors emerge or if they just cede that market to Lambo.

What are you pulling for—an Estoque-inspired sedan or an all-new super-SUV?



NEWZPHLASH | 7:35PM (Thu, Jun 30, 2011)

Looks like a Hummer

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