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New Chrysler: Abandoned By German Overlords, Welcoming Italian Rule

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On: Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 6:05PM | By: John Welch

New Chrysler: Abandoned By German Overlords, Welcoming Italian Rule

Oh America, how the mighty have fallen. Sure sure, yesterday it was reported (not on this blog, as stated earlier, I refuse!) that GM won't be selling off Opel or Vauxhall—big deal. Ya still killed Pontiac and Saturn, ya goofs, and you're still making underachieving interiors. Get back to me with some real news Fritzy, like matching Ford's profit margin, ya dink. And Chrysler, the vitriol I could spew about Chrysler would fill thirty bed pans. Chrysler is so underachieving I don't even remember the names of any of their top execs anymore; except of course for SERGIO MARCHIONNE, Fiat's CEO . . . aaahHARRGHRhrHhRRGZzxxxxzzzZZZxxxx . .. .

Ahem, sorry. My therapist is adjusting my meds, bear with me . . . Chrysler announced its plans for the next several years at a marathon press conference yesterday. All the gory details inside yon post . . .

Chrysler was nice enough to outline their plans for the future at a distinctly un-Chrysler-like subdued press conference yesterday. Instead of marching a herd of cattle through the streets of Detroit, as the beleaguered automaker is known to do, they simply trotted out the new Italian management and allowed them to seduce the angry and bloodthirsty auto press. Overall, Marchionne and his compatriots were concise and realistic, even though they did predict a 14% U.S. market share by 2014, a number I find to be optimistic at best. Below we have the abridged plan laid out in simple and easy to comprehend 'Murriken-speak . . .

Chyslers Future (New cars and/or cars that will continue production:

* Jeep Liberty (2013, replaced by Fiat product using the 'Liberty' name)

* Jeep compact SUV (2013, supplied by Fiat, possibly the Panda)

* Jeep small CUV (2013, supplied by Fiat, replaces Patriot and Compass)

* Chrysler compact sedan (2012, supplied by Fiat, replaces PT Cruiser)

* Chrysler midsize CUV (2013, supplied by Fiat)

* Chrysler small car (2013, supplied by Fiat)

* Chrysler Sebring (2013, replaced by Fiat product but retains name)

* Dodge full-size CUV (2010)

* Dodge compact sedan (2012, supplied by Fiat)

* Dodge small car (2013, supplied by Fiat)

* Dodge Avenger (major update 2010, replaced by Fiat product 2013)

* Ram large and small commercial van (2012, supplied by Fiat)

* Ram midsize unibody pickup (under consideration for 2011)

* Fiat 500 (late 2010, convertible 2011, Abarth 2012 . . . omigawd; this car is your savior, Chrysler; speed it UP!)

Models Receiving Major Updates:

* Dodge Charger (all-new 2010)

* Dodge Challenger (refresh 2011)

* Dodge Journey (major update 2010)

* Dodge Nitro (major update 2011 under consideration)

* Dodge Grand Caravan (major update 2010, next-gen 2014)

* Ram 1500/2500/3500 (major update 2012)

* Chrysler Town & Country (major update 2010, next-gen 2014)

* Chrysler 300C (all-new 2010)

* Jeep Grand Cherokee (all-new 2010)

* Jeep Wrangler Diesel (2010/2011, not confirmed for U.S. market . . . yet)

Models That Are Getting The Axe:

* Dodge Dakota (mid 2011)

* Dodge Viper (mid 2011, may return in 2012)

* Dodge Caliber (mid 2012, why wait so long?)

* Chrysler PT Cruiser (end of 2010)

* Jeep Compass (end of 2012, I reiterate: why wait?)

* Jeep Patriot (end of 2012, ditto)

* Jeep Commander (end of 2010, may continue being sold internationally)



gator done | 9:20AM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

I am pleased to see the PT Cruiser coming to an end I just wish it had happened 3 years ago before I bought mine. This was the worst purchase I have ever made in my life. Driving or riding in this car is the most uncomfortable ride you will ever experience. The seats are extremely uncomfortable the turn radius sucks the automatic window it literately automatic it rolls itself down when it pleases the gas mileage is better in a semi truck if you spill water on the interior your stuck with a stain for life when you drive over a hairline crack in the road you feel it. So in my opinion HURAY No more PT. Wish I could get a refund.


imwithcoco | 12:41PM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

Did you test drive the car before your purchase?

  • imwithcoco


gator done | 1:00PM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

Yes I drove the car for about 5 miles around town I should have driven it for the weekend. When I bought the car they did not wash it. I also drove off the lot with no gas in it. I went back and they put a fourth of a tank of gas in it woohoo. If I knew then what I know now I would not have even set foot in that dealership. Then again hindsight is 20/20.

  • gator done


RoadKill | 4:41PM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

Isn't the PT Cruiser just a Neon with a big head? you buy a Chrysler you get a Chrysler...

  • RoadKill


RoadKill | 4:43PM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

While Fiat has proven itself in Europe it may take a bit to get the Americans to warm up to them...so fool them with rebadging


imwithcoco | 6:29PM (Fri, Nov 6, 2009)

The problem is they are using the Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep nameplate to fool people into buying a Fiat. Will this really work in the US? Yes Fiat still has a bad name for itself here but is it worse than the Chrysler Group at this point?

If I had to choose between the two I just might buy a Fiat over a Chrysler product.


gator done | 8:44AM (Mon, Nov 9, 2009)

I would buy a rocking horse before I buy another Chrysler

  • gator done


James Roberts | 5:26PM (Tue, Nov 10, 2009)

Do ya think Fiat will make it in America? Last time around was a dud!!!

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