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Another Super-Juiced Supercar: 2012 Mosler Raptor

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On: Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:06PM | By: Chris Weiss

Another Super-Juiced Supercar: 2012 Mosler Raptor

In a recent test of the 2011 Mosler Photon (a car that it seems duly impressed with) Automobile magazine got a few juicy teaser bits about the upcoming 2012 Mosler Raptor. The car will play in the same sandbox as elites like the Pagani Huayra and Koenigsegg Agera. At what could be about half the price, it will deliver similar performance and a sexy exterior inspired by an exotic woman.

Mosler, an American supercar company, is set to launch what could be its most attractive car yet. Unlike the fiery-orange Photon pictured above—a car that has a bad case of ultra-derivative track-face—the company's next venture is being designed with an emphasis on looks.

Mosler's engineering director J. Todd Wagner told Automobile: "Just wait until you see the 2012 Raptor. It's going to blow your mind. It gets a massive injection of sex appeal—in fact, I designed the nose after the face of the most beautiful, exotic woman I've ever seen."

That should fix the one potential complaint about the $394,500 Photon. Because the rest of the car is downright awesome: 550 horses worth of GM LS7 7.0-liter V-8 and only 2,400 lbs. worth of curb weight. According to Automobile'sreview, the car's performance and handling is as superlative as its numbers, thanks to Mosler's careful, computer-based engineering.

And the Raptor will improve on all marks, cutting some 500 lbs. of weight, adding 100 horses by way of twin Garret turbochargers, and offering what promises to be an all-around step up from an already incredible Photon. That's right; apparently they're planning a sub-2,000-lb., 650-hp monster of a supercar. In fact, Mosler expects the Raptor to be able to "whip" the Pagani Huayra. Them's big words. We can't wait to see Mosler back them up.

No word on when Mosler will debut the Raptor, but we'll be watching for it.


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