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Sneak Peak: More MINI In 2013

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On: Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 4:56PM | By: Chris Salamone

Sneak Peak: More MINI In 2013

For all practical purposes, a larger MINI Cooper actually should be defined as ‘less-mini’. However, in this case, there are several key improvements anticipated for the 2013 MINI Cooper which necessitate the use of the term ‘more’ with respect to other features… other than size. Wow, talk about a mouthful. Anyhow, WorldCarFans.com recently posted spy photos of a prototype for the 2013 MINI Cooper. Pictures indicate that the new MINI will likely be longer and wider than current models.

One theory to account for a larger MINI revolves around the need for extra space for mechanical purposes. MINI has made no secret of their plans to utilize several different types of alternative fuel powertrains. As we saw with the Mini-E, creative power sources require creative engineering. The MINI-E replaced the entire back seat with 575 pounds of batteries. Maybe the 2013 MINI will have enough engine space to preserve four-player seating and still offer unique engine options.

The pictures, released yesterday, were captured during a test run in Europe. Despite urban camouflage, this prototype MINI looks significantly longer and wider than current models. Pics also show a longer hood, but smaller A-pillars and grille. Rumors also suggest that next-generation Coopers will eliminate the center-mounted speedo, in lieu of a more functional driver-side unit.

While we can make some projections regarding the exterior and interior, engine options remain unclear. As mentioned earlier, fuel-efficient powertrains are a major priority for MINI. In pursuit of MPG, and considering size constraints, MINI may rely on BMW’s new three-cylinder TwinPower turbo engine for entry level Coopers.

Although 2013 seems a far cry from today, taking a glimpse into the future of MINI is always a fun prospect. Although some critics will find ammunition in the ever-expanding size of modern MINIs, this prototype looks to ride the fine line between thoughtful and fun improvements while maintaining MINI's big car, small car heritage.

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