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Bad News/Bad News: Tesla Ending Roadster Production, Adding Crossover

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On: Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 10:30AM | By: Chris Weiss

Bad News/Bad News: Tesla Ending Roadster Production, Adding Crossover

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen. But I just wish it didn't have to happen like this. Tesla filed some papers with the SEC last week, and in those papers was an admission that we all knew was coming, but hoped against: it will wind down Roadster production by the end of the year. A few stragglers will remain at dealerships until they're all sold, but the Roadster's days are clearly numbered.

Never fear, Tesla has a new car on the way. No, not an all-new sports convertible, but a crossover! Joy.

The papers indicate that Tesla will introduce a concept version of what's called the Model X sometime this year. In February, rumor was that Tesla planned to bring a crossover to the Frankfurt Motor Show, but Tesla said it had no such plans. So either A. Tesla was lying, or B. Tesla will use a different show like LA or Tokyo, or C. Tesla will follow in the footsteps of other manufacturers and do some kind of Facebook/Web unveil. Since it’s a concept as opposed to an actual model, we're going to go with "B" for now.

Tesla doesn't get into any details on the Model X, outside of saying that it will be built on the Model S platform. That platform will be the basis of several future Tesla models, expected to include a van and convertible, though the van may get rolled into the Model X crossover.

While it's sad to see the Roadster, the first example of how an electric car really can have it all—style, performance, decent range, and zero emissions—go, the Model S will be a more affordable, more practical, and still sexy car. It will hit the market sometime around mid-2012. Tesla is still testing prototypes and will likely have the final production version to show later this year or early next year, perhaps alongside the Model X.

The Model X is expected to hit the market sometime around 2014.



DipStick | 11:33AM (Fri, Jun 3, 2011)

What will become of the Model S sedan they were going to come out with next year?

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