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WTH? Fuoriserie Torino Fruits Up Land Rover Defender

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On: Tue, May 3, 2011 at 12:22PM | By: Chris Weiss

WTH? Fuoriserie Torino Fruits Up Land Rover Defender

Well, what the hell did the cat drag in here? Italian customizer Fuoriserie Torino thought it prudent to take one of the most masuline, testosterone-fueled vehicles out there and cover it in a vineyard motiff. Not even a somewhat respectable-looking vine-and-leaf motif, which probably could have been done in a way that would almost complement the Defender's muscular, no-nonsense body, but a completely effiminate, flowery-purple camo job. Why?!

Don't get me wrong, I like wine as much as the next guy. And there are probably a few cars that would look good in a wine wrap (maybe after a glass or two, anyway). But the Land Rover Defender? That's not exactly the canvas for a purple-and-light-green vineyard painting. There are so many other ways you could have made this somewhat acceptable—deep merlot color, some sort of powerful winery mascot/logo, etc. How exactly do you defend this decision?

It's called the Defender Vineyard Edition, and the official word is that it was inspired by the colors of the wine harvest. The "artists" behind the work used four separate colors inherent across a vineyard in the fall. They then covered the painting in a transparent wrap, presumably to protect that awesome paint scheme from any scratching.

On a slightly more tasteful note, the custom tune also includes a variety of hand-bent teak wood in such places as the door sill guards, fenders, and spare-wheel cover. That wood represents the twisting vines in the vineyard theme.

Inside, the car gets some Alcantara trim.

I suppose this made someone happy, but it made me pretty depressed on an otherwise gleeful spring day. The only thing that could possibly make up for this atrocity is watching the owner show up at a local 4x4 trail and be mocked straight back to the garage by other off-roaders with real jeeps. Imagine trying to actually drive this thing with a serious face? No word on pricing or availability of this package, but if you have to ask... If you have to ask, you're probably a douchebag with too much money—get a real Defender.

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