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Zagato Reveals TZ3 Stradale

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On: Mon, May 2, 2011 at 2:15PM | By: Chris Weiss

Zagato Reveals TZ3 Stradale

As rumors predicted it would, Zagato has released a special edition model designed to celebrate 100 years of Alfa Romeo. It decided to celebrate that by building a car based on the Dodge Viper(?). I know Fiat/Alfa and Chrysler/Dodge are all BFF business buddies at this point, but that's been the case for only about 2 of those 100 years. But, I guess Alfa doesn't really have an 8C to build the special edition on, so Zagato did the next best thing.

Since the car is a highly limited special edition that Zagato calls a "design exercise" and "avant-garde car," its underpinnings shouldn't matter that much. More important is its sexy, cherry exterior.

The TZ3 Stradale follows the TZ3 Corsa, which was introduced last year. The model differs in several key ways from the Corsa version, though. As noted, it's based on the Viper rather than the 8C Competizione. Also, while it is quite limited, it's not a one-off like the Corsa. Nine examples will be built and sold to what will undoubtedly amount to wealthy, prestigious Alfa fans. Unlike the Corsa, which was a track car, the Stradale aims to celebrate Alfa's history of street-legal coupes.

While the mechanical chassis is borrowed from the Viper ACR, Zagato adds a tubular frame and lightweight body and drops a 4.2-liter V8 engine into the front-center. The engine is paired to a six-speed sequential transmission.

Looks-wise, the Stradale is reminiscent of the TZ3 Corsa but gets a number of noticeable changes including the new grille, angular headlights, and redesigned cabin with 360-degree greenhouse, new wheels and side-mounted air inlets. Despite its Viper underpinnings, no snake tattoos are present on this one.

Both the Corsa and Stradale TZ3s have the same "Kamm tail" design, a feature that they share with the original TZ and TZ2 models. According to Zagato, the "Kamm Effect is part of the functional design approach that aims to the aerodynamic efficiency...The reduction of the wind resistance is assured with the Kamm Tail design, without any need of a very stretched "drop" shape of the tail."

The first Stradale model is going to Eric King, a U.S. Alfa and Zagato collector. Number two will be sent to Japan and number three to Europe.

Press Release:

The "TZ3 program" managed by Zagato to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Alfa Romeo (1910-2010) ends with the delivery of the TZ3 Stradale.

The initiative started in 2009 with the manufacturing of the "one off" TZ3 Corsa which won the Villa D'Este Design Concept Award in 2010 and followed with nine (9) TZ3 Stradale.

Two different approaches for the same tribute.

The TZ3 Corsa is a track car. It is not a design exercise. It is a Neo-Classic car.
The TZ3 Stradale is a Design Exercise. It is not a race car. It is an Avant-garde car.
The TZ3 Corsa is a tribute to the Alfa Romeo and Zagato racing heritage. It is a one off.
The TZ3 Stradale is a tribute to the Alfa Romeo and Zagato street legal heritage. Just 9 examples in the world.

In total 10 collectible cars for the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo made by its most prolific contributor, both with race and road legal bodies.

The TZ3 Corsa celebrates men and machines of the Alfa Romeo Zagato racing heritage:

Scuderia Ferrari (20s and 30s)
Alfa Corse (40s and 50s)
Autodelta (60s and 70s)
Scuderia Zagato (80s and 90s)

The TZ3 Stradale celebrates the road legal heritage of Alfa Romeo Zagato coupés:

RLSS, 1500, 1750, 2300 and 2900 Zagato (20s and 30s)
6C 2500 Panoramica, 1900 SSZ and the Giulietta SVZ (40s and 50s)
SZ, 2600 SZ, Giulia TZ and Junior Z (60s and 70s)
S.Z. and R.Z. (80s and 90s)

The TZ3 Corsa is based on a mono shell carbon fibre chassis, coupled with a tubular frame and a handbeaten lightweight aluminium body. It's equipped with a front-central V8 90° 4.2 litres engine and 6-speed sequential gearbox.

The TZ3 Stradale is based on the Viper ACR mechanical chassis with a carbon fibre body. "Bellezza necessaria" is the inspiration of this car which matches for the first time an USA power train and can represent the first American Alfa Romeo.

Following Zagato's gentlemen-driver heritage, TZ3 Corsa has been commissioned by the Alfa Romeo Zagato collector Martin Kapp. The first TZ3 Stradale has been delivered to the US Alfa Romeo and Zagato collector (and Saratoga Automobile Museum's board member) Eric King. The TZ3 Stradale n°2 and n°3 will be delivered in Japan and Europe.

Both TZ3 Corsa and TZ3 Stradale boast a typical Kamm-tail (K-tail) layout. This solution became famous in Italy with the "Coda Tronca" bodies which were tested by Zagato in the beginning of the 60s. They reached their apex on the Alfa Romeo TZ and TZ2.

Kamm Effect is part of the functional design approach that aims to the aerodynamic efficiency. According to this, the CX can be lowered by keeping compact volumes at the same time. The reduction of the wind resistance is assured with the Kamm Tail design, without any need of a very stretched "drop" shape of the tail.


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