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Next-Gen Ferrari Enzo Drawing Influence From Bugatti Veyron

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On: Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 10:43AM | By: Chris Weiss

Next-Gen Ferrari Enzo Drawing Influence From Bugatti Veyron

Veyron. Enzo. Few two-syllable words bear greater weight in the automotive world than those two. So it's quite intriguing to hear that the former has influenced the latter. According to an Autocar report, Ferrari has drawn influence from the Bugatti Veyron in developing its next-generation Enzo flagship.

We got word of the Enzo revival during a Fiat presentation last year. Fiat outlined the next several years in Maranello, and among the planned new models sat the most beautiful of all—the Enzo, which is scheduled for a 2012/2013 debut.

When I first read the headline about the new Enzo drawing influence from the Veyron, I almost forgot that Ferrari does not share a parent company with Bugatti. That would be Lamborghini, which is part of Volkswagen AG, along with Bugatti. So the influence is not derived from collaboration, but from competitiveness.

You see, when the original Enzo launched in 2002, there was no Bugatti Veyron. In 2005, the Veyron debuted and changed the supercar scene with its massive, 1,000-hp W16 engine, 2.5-second-to-62 mph time, and unofficial and official speed records of 253 mph and 267.8 mph respectively.

And Ferrari has taken note. If it expects its Enzo to compete in the modern million-dollar supercar market, it's watching the competition closely.

Pride filled the statement that an anonymous source slipped to Autocar: "The world is a very different place to how it was when the Enzo was launched. It has moved on completely. And we are Ferrari—we do not take part to make up the numbers."

The report indicates that Ferrari is likely to forego the V12 engine of the original Enzo, and instead use a direct-injected V8 engine with twin turbochargers. Maranello may also equip the flagship with an active aerodynamics system that pumps air in and out of the body to increase aerodynamics.

Autocar's report doesn't indicate that Ferrari will follow Bugatti in using four-wheel drive. Ferrari debuted its first four-wheel drive system earlier this year on the FF. Indications are that it will reserve the system for its grand tourers, but if the Prancing Horse is serious about getting as much speed and traction out of the Enzo as possible, it may just attach the 4RM system for good measure.


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