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Ferrari Leading the Way In Emissions Cuts

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On: Fri, Apr 15, 2011 at 12:26PM | By: Chris Weiss

Ferrari Leading the Way In Emissions Cuts

The European Union currently mandates that all automakers cut emissions across their lines down to 130 g/km by 2015. As you could imagine, cutting emissions poses a particular challenge to supercar manufacturers whose lines consist of massively engined, inefficient sports cars that get more powerful every year. And so far, most supercar makers have been making very nominal gains.

But, Ferrari has proved an exception, making significant cuts over the past year.

Ferrari's fleet emissions average was 326 g/km in 2010, down 12 percent from 2009. Ferrari's cut was thanks largely its highest volume car: the California. The California, which made up nearly half of Ferrari's European sales last year, averages 301 g/km.

Ferrari has also been experimenting with emissions-cutting measures like its HY-KERS system, measures that could help it in the future.

Meanwhile, other automakers like Lamborghini and Bentley barely made a dent. The former cut 1.5 percent down to 372 g/k and the latter cut 1.9 percent down to 397 g/km. Luckily for those brands, and for Ferrari, their ownership by larger companies with more efficient offerings (Volkswagen for Lamborghini and Bentley, and Fiat for Ferrari) will help offset their high emissions numbers. Fiat Group's emissions, for instance, are the lowest of any automaker, coming in at 125.9 g/km.

Aston Martin is not so lucky. It had the smallest drop in supercar manufacturers of just 0.6 percent in 2010. And its 357 g/km is a long way off the 130 g/km mark without a larger company offsetting its powerful, premium cars. The company hopes that the Cygnet city car with its 90 g/km will help to balance the line. Only problem is: people will have to commit to buying it first, and that seems far from a given, thanks to its chunky, remodeled-Toyota-iQ look.

While Ferrari made the biggest cut in 2010, Lotus was significantly lower to start with. Its 3.2 percent cut brought its emissions down from 204 g/km to 198 g/km. Even when Lotus starts launching the more powerful supercars previewed at last year's Paris Motor Show, it will have parent company Proton to help offset its footprint.


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