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BMW M3 Test At The Nurburing; New CSL?

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On: Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 1:43PM | By: John Welch

BMW M3 Test At The Nurburing; New CSL?

Car companies currently have an unhealthy obsession with the Nurburing. Everything from Trailblazers to GTRs are tested there, and now manufacturers are dueling for the fastest 'production car' laptime. It's a drug, that dern Nurburing, and the auto industry is selling their VCRs and golf clubs just to get a taste.

What about companies who are ahead of the curve? Companies who have been testing at the Nurburing for thirty years? Companies like BMW . . . oh, they still test on the Nurburing, and photo-spys were able to capture their most recent visit to the "GreenHell" . . .

I'm not sure who KGP Photography is, but I love them. Here we have images of a potential successor to the M3 CSL, a car that is revered for its light weight and baby-eater looks. It was never imported to the US, a crime if there ever was one. I have to admit that the idea of this car being a new CSL is just speculation; also it isn't my idea. The commentors on Edmunds came up with it, but an educated look at the car is all it takes to buy into the CSL koolaid. Big, fetching BBS rims, a new lip spoiler, and a larger hood bulge all stink of CSL.

Again, I don't even have proof that this car is an actual BMW test mule; on the Nurburing it could be a backyard tuner just as easily. The images display a highly refined vehicle, however; it's doubtful such an understated package came from one of those zany German tuning-haus-tuners. Surely it would have a black and cherry two-tone and air intakes the size of manhole covers. The source article suggests that we are looking at dealer-installed aero package and nothing more. Most likely, but a new CSL is worth the wasted hope.

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