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Gee Willikers, Batman! Replica Pulls $110,000 At Barrett-Jackson

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On: Mon, Apr 11, 2011 at 4:41PM | By: Chris Salamone

Gee Willikers, Batman! Replica Pulls $110,000 At Barrett-Jackson

Holy Roman Empire, Batman, the Batmobile is almost as valuable as a priceless collection of Etruscan snoods! That sums up my surprise when a modified 1977 Lincoln Continental sold this weekend for $110,000 at the Barrett-Jackson car auction in Palm Beach. But that’s not all. Apparently, the Batmobile has sold for drastically larger sums… even breaking the $200,000 mark. Wow, who would have thought a customized replica could attract so much consumer demand? Even more shocking are the companies which produce parts and complete replica Batmobiles for the collector market.

Although both the 1990s and 1960s Batmobiles are available for purchase, Fiberglass Freaks is the most established shop for the 1966 replica and probably the company that created the vehicle sold this weekend at Barrett-Jackson. If so, the new owner got one heck of a deal. Fiberglass Freaks asks $150,000 for a new replica.

The car sold this weekend started as a 1977 Lincoln Continental chassis and then was customized to incorporate a Ford 460 engine with a chrome kit, Holley 4-barrel carburetor, and 4-core aluminum radiator using double fans. Everything else on the car is 100% authentic Batman—from the fabricated exhaust system to the black vinyl interior. And, of course, Batman must have a batphone, proper labeling, and an in-dash television with an operating DVD/VHS player hidden in a back compartment.

Some Batmobiles even have a working flame thrower for the rear thruster! What’s a super hero without his gadgets? In this case nothing. Unlike other heroes, Batman is known for having no special innate gifts or super-human abilities. He relies solely on quick thinking, technology, physical prowess, and access to infinite funding and research (there’s probably an argument here that infinite funding and research are super-human abilities). Indeed, Batman needs his toys, which is exactly why this Batmobile is so tricked out.

Although a contributing factor, all this gadgetry cannot possibly be what makes the Batmobile so expensive. Instead purchasers are seeking the grandeur and glory of riding in one of the most iconic vehicles from DC Comics and will probably pay a pretty penny for it.

While the recent Barrett-Jackson auction price does seem exorbitantly high, the fit and finish are impeccable and it must be incredibly difficult to customize almost every aspect of the vehicle. Holy hole in a donut Batman, why couldn’t you drive something cheaper? Oh yeah, because you can’t fight crime in a Rambler.


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