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Silverado HD Slays Competition

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On: Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 5:02PM | By: Chris Salamone

Silverado HD Slays Competition

Everyone knows the Silverado HD was recently named Motor Trend’s 2011 Truck of the Year. Yet, competitors like Ford and Dodge still offer quality trucks and The General needs to ensure consumers know which brand reigns supreme. GM’s global vehicle line executive for full size trucks, Rick Spina, recently stated that the company “wanted to get away from spec-sheet comparisons and show how these trucks perform in the real world." Perhaps the best way to do so is by a head-to-head comparison pitting the best against the best: HD vs. HD.

In so doing, Chevrolet created a heavy-duty pickup cage match in seven short videos, appropriately named HD to HD. Spina actually hosts with sidekick—Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long—instant credibility points here. But wait, you’re concerned this is a fluff piece meant to taint your completely unbiased opinion about pickup truck brands? Think again. GM employed AMCI to independently test the Silverado HD against the Ford Superduty and Ram HD.

The tests were designed to measure a competitive comparison in passing, braking, and acceleration. All simulations were run with a loaded bed or a loaded trailer. For example, in the zero-to-60 race each truck was given a 1,500 pound load in order to determine which vehicle could merge most spritely onto a busy freeway with passengers or moderate cargo. Despite the Ford F-250’s superior horsepower and torque, the Silverado 2500HD took off like a massive jackrabbit and finished the test in 7.66 seconds while the Ford earned a respectable 8.36. Sadly, GM recently removed the acceleration videos from YouTube, but hopefully they will all be available again soon on the official GM website.

To watch all seven videos you’ll need nearly 30 minutes of free time. While they are extremely entertaining, not every video features all three HD trucks. Of course, by leaving the Dodge HD out of some tests GM might be trying to compare only inferior vehicles, but on the other hand… maybe not. Which is exactly why the videos should have included all three trucks for each test: uncertainty creates doubt!

If you don’t have the patience or time to watch every HD to HD video, my favorites are the frame exhaust braking, frame strength, and acceleration clips. Although all three HD trucks are not compared in every test, the videos should create significant consumer confidence. Considering that the Silverado showed advantages in acceleration, 7-percent grade riding, passing, and load control, GM truck owners can sleep peacefully at night knowing their rigs tow [sic] the line.

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DipStick | 11:39AM (Thu, Apr 7, 2011)

Why didn't they include all 3 trucks in all the tests in the video? Certainly leads me to believe that they are stacking in favor of the Chevy. I also wonder what kind of ride the Chevy has over the others since they are touting how stiff the chassis is and how little the rear squats with a load?

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