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Aston Martin Phone Is a Thing of Beauty

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On: Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 4:10PM | By: Chris Weiss

Aston Martin Phone Is a Thing of Beauty

Ordinarily, we're not particularly interested in gear that doesn't have at least two wheels, an engine/motor, and a gearbox. In fact, automaker-licensed gear is often just a nice way of saying "overpriced, oddly branded crap". But in the case of a new phone bearing Aston Martin's logo, automaker branding has never looked better. The CPT002 concept phone is a stunning piece of technology built by Canadian luxury phone manufacturer Mobiado.

The last car-branded phone I saw was the Lamborghini Tag Heuer Meridiist. Here are my thoughts on it. As you can quickly tell, I was anything but a fan. And that's because it's a giant brick of a phone with no real interesting features. It looks nice—if you like giant phones purporting to be based on supercars—but it's certainly not worth whatever premium "luxury phone" price they chose to charge for it.

The Aston Martin phone is a different animal. It's sleek, original, and utterly stylish. It's a phone that makes a statement—and not just "I paid too much to have a phone named after a premium auto brand," but more along the lines of "Cutting-edge style and technology are essential to me."

The transparent phone is crafted from sapphire crystal, with the electronics built into the sides. Though you might think such a display would limit the phone's technological capabilities, the phone offers plenty. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen, and the phone runs an unspecified version of Google's Android operating system. When turned on, the window-like screen is filled in with Android icons, but when not in use, it's a stunning, crystal-clear device.

In addition to offering standards like social media integration, the phone works directly with Aston Martin vehicles, opening the door locks and updating your social networks with your GPS-based location and pictures from your Aston's on-board cameras.

The CT002 was unveiled at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Switzerland. Unfortunately, it's just a concept and unlikely to see the light of production. However, there is a real collection of Mobiado/Aston phones coming this May. We fear that those may look more "Lamborghini-Tag Heuer Meridiist" than "CT002", though.

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Gay | 9:18AM (Sat, Apr 9, 2011)

This is gorgeous!!!! What;s the price and who carries it?

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