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BMW Pickup Car = April Fool's Prank

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On: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 3:07PM | By: Chris Weiss

BMW Pickup Car = April Fool's Prank

When I first saw spy shots of the now infamous BMW pickup car last week, my first instinct was to check the calendar. "Good, only mid-March, so I wasn't in a Scotch-induced coma for three weeks. But, what is this thing all about?"

A car that weird and out of the blue just smacked of April Fool’s humor. While it wasn't actually April Fool's Day, the fact that the car was spotted just weeks before that holiday pointed to a joke.

Well, BMW has come clean, admitting that the M3-based pickup car was, indeed, a little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor planned for April Fool's Day. BMW's idea was to launch the car alongside the (real) M5 concept.

It's a pretty funny idea on BMW's part. Or at least it would have been. As it stands, I suppose BMW just pranked itself, what with the spy photos ruining the big surprise. But the pickup car is just so outlandishly non-BMW that we can see where they were coming from: a would-have-been epic prank.

BMW head of product development Dirk Arnold came clean to Autoblog: "Ah, yes, everyone's been talking about that pickup. But, no, this is... how you call it, an April Fool's Joke... It is hugely doubtful that BMW will ever during our lives produce such a vehicle, in any segment."

That's kind of too bad, because we'd really grown fond of the BM Dubamino. I would have loved to see a limited production of the car. Even believing that it was a utilitarian one-off was better than thinking that a BMW with pickup bed could exist in this world only as a pure joke. A sad April Fool's Day, indeed.

On April 1, BMW will hold a Munich event, where it will show the M5 concept and a series of M3 prototypes, including the M3 pickup.


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