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Rumor: 10 Years of New Lamborghinis

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On: Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 2:21PM | By: Chris Weiss

Rumor: 10 Years of New Lamborghinis

Here we thought that Lamborghini rumors were going to take a nice, long vacation, what with the Aventador having been revealed earlier this month. Instead, we have one of the biggest, juiciest Lamborghini rumors ever. This isn't your typical one-model rumor; it's a rumor about 10 years worth of Lamborghini production plans. It's new models and facelifts replacing models that haven't been introduced or even confirmed. It's like a glimpse at Stephan Winkelmann's [alleged] hard drive. Given how far-reaching these rumors are, we wouldn't trust them straight out, but they certainly give us something to ponder.

Where to start? The source: the rumors come from a rather extensive post over at Teamspeed, so, again, don't believe everything you read, but have fun reading and dreaming.

The newest Lamborghini, the Aventador LP700-4: The Aventador will follow in the tradition of other Lamborghini flagships with a number of increasingly powerful special editions. A coupe will follow the recently-revealed roadster next year; an Aventador Super Veloce, which will be lighter and more powerful, in 2015; facelifts and Super Veloce engines to both the Aventador roadster and coupe in 2016; and, most interestingly, the return of the Jota nameplate in 2019. The last item on that agenda will be the final version of the Aventador, according to the rumor, and will be called the Aventador LP850-4 Jota. And not only will it have a monstrous, 850-hp engine, but it will shed even more weight.

The Baby Lambo: The Gallardo will get an LP550-2 version later this year and will be replaced outright in 2013. The new car may go by the name of 'Cabrera' and will debut as a 570 horsepower V10 model. It will be followed by a Spyder version in 2014. In 2017, an upgraded Cabrera Superleggera will spit out 595 horses.

Other models: Lamborghini will deliver on rumors of Sesto Elemento production next year, offering the cutting-edge concept in extremely limited production. In 2014, the much-talked-about Lambo sedan, a.k.a Estoque, will debut. It will feature the same 570-hp V10 as the Gallardo replacement, and will be a luxurious and powerful sedan. In 2017, Lamborghini will add a two-door, four-seat convertible version of the Estoque. A facelift will follow in 2020.

As is apropos, Lamborghini will also offer alternatively fueled/powered concepts and versions of its models over the 10-year time frame. The report even goes so far as to speculate that the Aventador could be the last traditional gas-powered Lambo.

That's a mouthful, huh? But is it an accurate picture of Lamborghini's future? I don't quite think so. The emphasis on bigger and bigger engines, while rooted in history, goes against Lamborghini's plans to focus less on power and speed and more on cutting weight and boosting acceleration times.

The Sesto Elemento was designed to show how Lamborghini could pull big numbers out of a V10-powered car when it focuses on cutting weight. And Stephen Winkelmann himself said that the car was going to inspire all future Lamborghinis. So I just don't see Lamborghini roiding up its V12s like it's the 2000s.

Also, between the scope of the rumor, the detail involved (the original Teamspeed report has much more detail including how much weight models will lose, how they'll change cosmetically, etc.), and the fact that the post winds down by referring to the points as "predictions," I have to take this as nothing more than as a thoughtful, educated guess as to what Lamborghini will be doing. Either that, or some top Lambo executive had too much pinot and wreaked havoc with his friend's Teamspeed account.

But it will make for some fun seeing what aspects, if any, come true. We'll be looking for the Gallardo LP550-4 first.


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