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Fast Cars Aren't Always Your Friend: McLaren Chief Loses License

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On: Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 9:34AM | By: Chris Weiss

Fast Cars Aren't Always Your Friend: McLaren Chief Loses License

When you lead a company with a history of building some of the fastest, most exotic supercars in the world, there's a pretty strong chance that you like to drive fast. But when you're not on a testing track, you should probably temper the need for speed just enough to keep your driving privileges. Otherwise, you'll end up like 63-year-old McLaren CEO Ron Dennis, who recently lost his U.K. driving privileges after pleading guilty of running a red light.

License revocation may seem a rather stiff penalty for running one red light without any collision, but the offense added three points to Dennis' 9 points, bringing him to the 12 points that result in automatic revocation. His driving privileges have been suspended for six months and Dennis has been fined £350 ($566). According to the U.K.'s Daily Mirror, the original 9 points were from speeding infractions. Dennis racked up four individual infractions to bring him to the 12-point total.

Dennis, who is divorced, asked that the court let him keep his license so that he could visit his children on the weekends. But the court denied the request and pulled the license—perhaps they saw through the bleeding-heart excuse and realized that a prominent CEO and multimillionaire could probably cough up to pay a driver to take him to visit his children on weekends.

According to media reports, Dennis ran the red light in Bagshot, Surrey to avoid being rear-ended by the car in back of him, a car that was occupied by Dennis' friend. That sounds kind of like a couple of supercar guys having a drag race on public streets to me. Probably should stick to the track next time.


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