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It Won't Be a Long Long Time; Mini Rocketman Concept Coming to Geneva

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On: Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 10:04AM | By: Chris Weiss

It Won't Be a Long Long Time; Mini Rocketman Concept Coming to Geneva

Unlike last year's hot Mini concept—the Beachcomber—the Rocketman is a rather modest concept that looks like it could hit production tomorrow. And it's a Mini through and through: a small, efficient, three-door hatch that makes the most out of its tiny interior. The Rocketman does offer some unique features and technologies, though.

Fresh off its "Cram It In The Boot" campaign, it looks like Mini is ready to pull it out of the boot. The Rocketman uses a unique, slide-out "drawer" to increase the capacity of the hatch and offer extra storage. From the snowboard pictured inside, it looks almost like an integrated gear rack that lets you get the most out of your Mini without any aftermarket attention.

The Rocketman is planted on a carbon-fiber spaceframe. While Mini didn't detail the concept's powertrain, it did indicate that it envisions the car bringing home around 78 mpg. With its 135-inch length and lightweight design, that seems like a reasonable goal.

Inside, the Rocketman uses a 3 + 1 layout, with three sliding seats that can be positioned for maximum comfort. The double-hinged joints on the doors give passengers access to all three rear seats by pulling out and forward. A removable control unit makes the Rocketman a little more user friendly, allowing drivers to set preferences like music and navigation details on their computer before their voyage. A steering wheel-mounted trackball and controls serve to let drivers quickly navigate through infotainment options while keeping their hands on the wheel.

The Rocketman's exterior features some interesting elements that we don't expect to see in production anytime soon. The all-glass roof has lighting, which can be switched on to create the Union Jack flag of Great Britain. If you're not feeling too patriotic that particular day, the roof braces also shine porcelain white to provide a distinct contrast with the grey exterior. That white continues to the headlamps, which are encircled by white ring lights. Meanwhile, parts of the carbon spaceframe are visible around the exterior and interior to provide an interesting visual element.

We'll see more of this concept next week.

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imwithcoco | 1:17PM (Mon, Feb 28, 2011)

Cool features but what is up with that tailpipe?


Michigander | 10:36AM (Tue, Mar 1, 2011)

Tailpipe and tail lights... I don't think I can handle either! Kinda looks like a whistle with handles. lol

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