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RUF Tunes the Porsche 911 to All-Electric

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On: Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 6:02PM | By: Chris Weiss

RUF Tunes the Porsche 911 to All-Electric

Last week, we reported that there are now three electric Boxster prototypes in testing. And not a full week later, there are three electric 911 Carrera prototypes in testing. The only difference is the Boxsters were an actual Porsche project, and the electric 911s come from German tuning house RUF.

Tuners typically focus on making cars meaner, bigger, and more powerful, but RUF has a different type of tune in mind: a more environmentally conscious 911. RUF plans to build a test fleet of 10 electric 911s—known as "eRUFs", in the first half of this year. Each model will be equipped with one of three electric powertrains.

RUF is working in cooperation with the German Environmental Ministry and German technology company Siemens to develop the prototypes. The vehicles each feature a different powertrain based around Siemens' electric motor(s).

The least potent model is powered by a 180 kW (241 hp) motor and a 29kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The concept also uses a Porsche transmission. That model hits 60 mph in less than 7 seconds, tops out at 137 mph, and provides up to 93 miles of range—not exactly 918 Spyder Hybrid numbers, but of course, these numbers come without tailpipes. That prototype is called the eRUF Single Motor Concept.

A more intriguing electric 911, the eRUF Twin Motor Concept features two electric motors worth 250kW (335 hp) and a liquid-cooled 36.6kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Top speed remains at 137 mph (how often are you going to do 130 down the highway, anyway), but the 0-to-60 mph time gets cut to under 5 seconds and the range is extended to around 124 miles.

As its name implies, the eRUF Twin Motor Concept with Torque Vectoring is the same as the Twin Motor Concept, except that it adds two gearboxes for independent rear-wheel driving. The torque vectoring should help handling, but it cuts some speed off the top: 112 mph.

RUF will test the models and gather data from on-board computer systems.

The new eRUF designs join the eRUF Greenster, which RUF introduced at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. That model was a little more high-end in terms of performance, spitting 362 horses and 701 lb-ft of torque out of a motor/lithium-ion powertrain. It boasted a 5-second 0 to 60 mph and a 155 mph top speed.

The question is: will we see an official Porsche Boxster EV or a RUF-tuned 911 EV first?

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