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Chrysler's Imported From Detroit Clothing Sells Out In Hours

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On: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 at 3:13PM | By: Chris Weiss

Chrysler's Imported From Detroit Clothing Sells Out In Hours

Earlier this month during the Super Bowl, Chrysler wowed the world with a commercial that it called "Imported From Detroit." The spot featured dramatic narration, powerful imagery, and music and cameo by rapper Eminem. Several prominent media outlets called it the most memorable commercial of the night, and indeed, many were left with their mouths gaping just a little after the hard-hitting, two-minute spot had played out.

Since then, Chrysler has been running a shorter version of the ad, but the truncated spot just doesn't have the same oomph as the original. To prevent their message from sliding by the wayside, Chrysler marketed the "Imported From Detroit" tagline in a new way: T-shirts. The $30 shirts went on sale last Wednesday.

Unfortunately, if you liked the commercial enough to buy a short-sleeved, walking advertisement in the middle of winter for a rather hefty 30 bucks (given the blue-collar tone of Chrysler's campaign, $15 or $20 might have been more appropriate), you're out of luck. At least for the time being. Chrysler announced that it sold out of the T-shirts in a matter of hours.

Now, Chrysler didn't go into any specific numbers as to how many T-shirts it sold, which makes me wonder if the whole "sold in hours" isn't more of a media ploy than a legitimate reflection of the popularity of its campaign. But I guess it's keeping the message alive either way, so Auburn Hills should be more than happy.

The sold-out T-shirts were essentially different colored shirts with the "Imported From Detroit" printed in and around a Chrysler-esque winged logo on the front. There were white, black, and grey versions.

Chrysler is in the process of designing new styles (a $90 sweatshirt and $40 baseball cap, perhaps?) and will make them available in the near future. Hopefully, we won't have to report on a completely unspecified "sell out" again.

Here's the video again, just in case you live under a rock....



RoadKill | 3:25PM (Mon, Feb 21, 2011)

looks like the Redwings logo


Michigander | 10:48AM (Tue, Feb 22, 2011)

Got something against the Red Wings???? Wana take this outside? :)
Being from Mich I guess I am partial to this one.... I actually like the logo and would probably be one of the goobers that spends $90 on the sweatshirt. lol

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