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The History Channel's Top Gear Primed for Season 2

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On: Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 5:54PM | By: Chris Salamone

The History Channel's Top Gear Primed for Season 2

The History Channel recently announced that the American version of the hit UK show ‘Top Gear’ would get another season in the United States. Since production will start this Spring, the new season should air sometime in late 2011. Although not simultaneously, the first season attracted 60 million overall spectators and brought the youngest age group of viewers to any series on The History Channel, ever. Production is a collaborative effort between BBC Worldwide and The History Channel. The show takes cars far beyond their manufacturer’s idea of ordinary use and, in doing so, tests the extreme limits of each auto. Top Gear is hosted by a trio of diverse talents: racing analyst Rutledge Wood, champion rally and drift racer Tanner Foust, and comedian and car buff Adam Ferrara. In addition to entertaining hosts, the show features crazy driving antics, super-car tests, reviews, and celebrity interviews. In short, if the US got another season of 'Jersey Shore' instead of Top Gear this author would be moving to the UK.

UK celebrity and Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson recently commented on The History Channel's American version, "Top Gear is our baby, so you can understand why Hammond, May, and I were anxious about passing it on to the presenters of the US show. We needn't have worried because Top Gear is clearly in safe hands, even if they do insist on speaking in those stupid accents. Watching an episode from series 1 with Richard and James, we found ourselves in a genuinely heated debate about which of the presenters' cars was the best. We were just three ordinary chaps watching a car show and loving it, which is exactly what Top Gear should be. Bring on series 2."

Regardless if Jeremy Clarkson thinks American accents are stupid, the show’s 60 million viewers lend some weight to the idea that the US version is at least as entertaining as UK's Top Gear which premiered in 1977. The original Top Gear continues to be consistently BBC Two’s most watched program in the UK. Also, BBC owns an off-shoot magazine called Top Gear, which is the leading car publication in the UK.

Since the US version of Top Gear covers topics like the new F150 Raptor racing against a parachutist, discovering if it’s faster to drive a BMW X6M than to travel by plane, or testing moonshine-running challenges in North Carolina, the show is a perfect fit for an American audience which thrives on entertainment. Perhaps that’s actually what makes Top Gear such a successful show. Instead of covering the nuts and bolts of the auto industry, Top Gear focuses on the excitement and potential limits of auto intrigue. Viewers don’t have to be gearheads; anyone who appreciates cars or hilarious antics can tune in with enthusiasm.

US Season 1 Trailer:

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RoadKill | 10:43AM (Thu, Feb 17, 2011)

I really enjoy the UK version and when the US version was announced I was skeptical. I was not impressed with the first few episodes; too scripted, not enough ad-lib off the cuff antics...But soon after that the show started coming together and grew on me. I now look forward to next season.
It's just like anything else, the original is always better, If this were a movie, I would liken it to Terminator II, and thankfully not like Caddy shack II...

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