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Chevy Tops List of Record-Breaking Commercials

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On: Tue, Feb 15, 2011 at 10:09AM | By: Chris Weiss

Chevy Tops List of Record-Breaking Commercials

Though the Volkswagen "The Force" ad and Chrysler "Imported from Detroit" ad gained the most buzz and love during and after the Super Bowl, a dark horse slipped in to take the spot for "most watched ad of all time", according to numbers from the Nielsen Company. The television ratings firm calculated the most watched commercial ever to be Chevy's "Ms. Evelyn".

If you don't recall, the commercial featured two unseen narrators spitballing ideas that played out on screen, culminating in a grey Camaro building-jump and a red-headed teacher—"Ms. Evelyn"—pulling into the school parking lot after a wild ride.

Nielsen's numbers put the number of viewers of the commercial at a whopping 119,628,000. That allowed it to blow past the previous world-recorder holder—a Doritos commercial from last year's game that pulled in 116,231,920 viewers.

Super Bowl advertisers received a big head start in setting records, with this year's game earning the spot as the most-viewed television program in history. It averaged 111 million viewers, surpassing last Super Bowl's 106.5 million to become the biggest event in TV history.

Interestingly, though many called Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" ad starring Eminem the most memorable ad of the game, it didn't appear on Nielsen's list of 10 "Most Recalled Commercials". In fact, no automotive commercials did, losing out to other spots like Doritos pug and finger-licking dude and Budweiser's cowboy.

Nielsen's numbers did agree with the general tide, putting Volkswagen's "The Force" ad at the top spot for "Most Liked Commercials". Other automotive commercials on the list include Bridgestone's "Carma" ad (#2), Volkswagen's "Black Beetle" ad (#6), Chrysler's "Imported from Detroit" spot (#8) and Audi's "Release the Hounds" ad (#10).

David Kaplan, SVP of Advertising Effectiveness for Nielsen, summed up what was by any count a big day for the industry: “This year’s Super Bowl was really symbolic of the automotive industry’s comeback story. Only twice in the last 10 years have we seen the auto category crack the Top 10 best-liked spots, and both times it was with just a single ad. The fact that this year four automotive ads moved into territory normally dominated by beverage and snack food ads indicates that these brands have really raised the bar in terms of creative quality and narratives that resonate with viewers."


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