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Honda Doing Feasibility Study on NSX Successor

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On: Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 5:17PM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda Doing Feasibility Study on NSX Successor

The Honda NSX successor rumor rollercoaster continues on at full speed. Last rumor had it that Honda was already working on an NSX successor with a full-hybrid powertrain. A new rumor out of Edmunds indicates that Honda isn't really that far along. The report says that Honda president Takanobu Ito said that Honda is currently doing a feasibility study on a "new sports car."

Ito nixed the idea that Honda was planning on building a street-legal version of its V8-powered HSV-10 GT race car, but said, "There is clearly a demand for that type of car that we must answer."

Around the time the NSX was retired in 2005, Honda was planning to build an even more super, V10-powered car to replace it. That car was going to be a venerable supercar in the vein of the Lexus LFA, with 550 horses on tap. But the project was canned back in 2008, thanks to the dismal economy.

Ito didn't get into any details on what "that type of car" might look like, but rumor has it that it will either be a modest, midengined NSX successor or an all-out supercar hybrid that could foreseeably compete head-to-head with the Porsche 918 Spyder. Edmunds suggests a price of as much as $500K for the latter.

A Motor Trend report last fall indicated that the new Honda sports car would be a hybrid combining a V6 or four-cylinder engine worth as much as 400 horses with an unidentified electric motor.

That report quoted a Honda source as stating: "Honda does not see the CR-Z as a sports car. It's a sporty coupe and a great first try in the hybrid-sports direction. To be called a sports car, a car needs to have the potential of an NSX or an S2000. That's what we need to aim for."

And Ito's words lend some strong credence to that last line. Hopefully, we hear a lot more about an NSX successor in the near future.


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