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Is There Clean Fuel In The Future?

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On: Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 7:14PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Is There Clean Fuel In The Future?

Today it seems that everyone is clamoring for a cheaper fuel to power everything. Can a cleaner, less expensive form of gas actually be created from something other than oil? The diligent scientists at Cella Energy, a U.K.-based research company, think they have discovered the formula. According to their research data recently released, they’ve created a hydrogen-base synthetic fuel that could mean the end of gasoline, as we know it; at least that’s what they’re claiming.

Here’s the word from their official website: “Cella Energy has developed a method using a low-cost process called coaxial electrospinning or electrospraying that can trap a complex chemical hydride inside a nano-porous polymer that speeds up the kinetics of hydrogen desorption, reduces the temperature at which the desorption occurs and filters out many if not all of the damaging chemicals. It also protects the hydrides from oxygen and water, making it possible to handle it in air.”

Aren’t you glad they explained that? Let’s try to translate the science. Cella has found a nanotech-driven process that captures hydrogen and converts it into micro-capsules. These micro-capsules can then be used as fuel and burned in engines. Nanotech-driven means they have created the “micro cell” to do the work. If all goes according to plan, this new stabilized version of hydrogen can be pumped right into the engine without the need for fuel injection conversion.

What could all this mean to the everyday driver? Try fuel for $1.50 a gallon for hydrogen fuel. According to the Cella CEO, that could be the baseline price for the new fuel. That’s also a price that would be stable. In other words, whatever is happening in oil-producing companies wouldn’t affect the price of this new fuel. If all of this sounds like it may be too good to be true, it might just be. Clearly, if this fuel was really ready they’d be selling it by the tanker. As with most ever other scientific breakthrough, the first announcement is to generate curiosity which means the request for more funds won’t be far behind. This is definitely an announcement to keep an eye on. If it’s the real deal, it’s a game changer!



RoadKill | 7:16PM (Mon, Jan 31, 2011)

directly from their site, "...it is not currently a viable commercial material: it is expensive to make..."
We can only hope that it can be mass produced at a reasonable price...

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