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Pagani C9 Official Name: Huayra?

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On: Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 1:36PM | By: Chris Weiss

Pagani C9 Official Name: Huayra?

C9 is just so easy to say. Apparently too easy. For as long as we've known Pagani's prototype, it's been known that 'C9' may just be a prototype name and not the actual production car name. A recent report sheds some light on what the new Pagani may be called, and it's a lot harder to read/say than C9; it's the Huayra. Mysterious, but not the most intuitive word to speak or write—not in English, at least.

According to a report out of Italian magazine Al Volante, Pagani has registered the Huayra name. And considering the news comes just two months before Pagani is expected to launch its new supercar, it seems safe to believe that the name will indeed replace "C9".

Huayra means "wind" in a native language called Quechua spoken in the Andes region South America. Wind, of course, is a fitting name for any car (though a Pagani may be more of a hurricane-strength gale), and Horatio Pagani is originally from an Andean country (Argentina), so it seems plausible that he'd make a spiritual return to the region in selecting a name. Zonda is also the name of an Argentinian wind, so Huayra fits right in.

The Huayra (might as well get used to writing it) will replace the Zonda as Pagani's # 1. It will be powered by a bespoke V12 engine from Mercedes-Benz's high-performance division AMG. That engine is expected to be a 6.0-liter mill that puts out around 700 horses.

Outside of indicating that it will have a unique AMG V12, Pagani hasn't released much detail on the car. Last week, the company released a teaser video, but given that the Huayra was shown only in the form of a pewter model, we've gleaned more information from spy shots and rumors.

Expect to see more of the new Pagani (including its proper name) at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Update: The proverbial ink had barely dried on this story when rumor of another possible name—Deus Venti—surfaced. That name has appeared in connection with a 2nd teaser video (below) and is also the name of the website where you can find the C9 teasers. The name means "God of the Winds" in Latin, and it's now looking like that name's more likely. Perhaps Huayra will be the name of a specific edition of the C9/Deus Venti—one specific wind from God of Winds, if you will.


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