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New World-Record-Contending Keating ZKRs Supercar to Debut Next Spring

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On: Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 11:19AM | By: Chris Weiss

New World-Record-Contending Keating ZKRs Supercar to Debut Next Spring

The world-record-capable supercar market is starting to get pretty flooded. It started with the 1,200-hp Bugatti Veyron SS breaking the world record in the summer. The previous record-holder, Shelby Supercars, introduced the all-new Aero II in the fall. The TranStar Dagger GT, which has a rather unbelievable claim of 314 mph, has been floating around for months. Koenigsegg has the Agera and Hennessey has the Venom GT. And now word of a new possible contender: an all-new, 2,200-hp, range-topping Keating ZKRs.

Keating is one of those small supercar firms with big promises. You rarely hear about it, and when you do, it's in headlines with outrageous numbers. The British automaker already offers a line of "KR" models that top out at around 2,000-hp. In the past, it has claimed that its 1,800-hp TKR hit 260 mph on California's Salt Lake Flats. At the time that that number was reported last fall, it would have been enough for the world record. But then that meddlesome Bugatti Veyron SS pushed the bar up to around 268 mph over the summer. Plus, Keating never actually made an official world record run, so the 260 is but a bit of company advertising.

With an extra 400 horses on top of the already outrageous herd of 1,800, it reasons that the range-topping ZKRs could be a world-record contender. If we take Keating's original 260-mph claim at face value, that is. The ZKRs uses twin-turbocharging, as well as supercharging, to pump all those extra horses out of its GM V8 engine.

Keating didn't stop at boosting horsepower, either. It refined the monocoque chassis to improve the center of gravity and boosted weight distribution by installing two fuel tanks. So the new Keating model should be more balanced than ever.

According to GTSpirit, Keating will be pulling the cloth on its new most powerful supercar at the Top Marques Monaco 2011, which begins on April 14 of next year.

Keating hand builds its cars in the U.K. upon order. And its TKR and SKR are available for custom orders.

A legit Veyron-topper or empty hands holding promises? I lean toward the latter, but I suppose we'll find out if and when Keating tries to break the record. Officially, that is.


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