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GM Recalls 111,000 Equinox, Terrain, and SRX Models for Faulty Seatbelt Anchor

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On: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 10:54AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

GM Recalls 111,000 Equinox, Terrain, and SRX Models for Faulty Seatbelt Anchor

Car owners may experience a love/hate relationship with their cars. When they’re running smooth and getting the owner where they need to go, it’s all good. But for every break down, flat tire, or dead battery the hate rises. Most passenger vehicles have an average of between 15,000 and 20,000 separate parts. The chance that at some point in the life of the car some area of the automobile will have a defective part is extremely high. That is why it should come as no surprise when automakers announce recalls for defects. The good news is that If a recall occurs, it means the problem has been identified and, most importantly, can be fixed.

In recent recall news, General Motors issued a bulletin concerning over 111,000 Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain, and Cadillac SRX 2011 small SUV models. The cause for this recall is a faulty seatbelt anchor which can cause a seatbelt buckle to work improperly. If that failure were to happen then there could be an increase in crash related injuries. This recall covers all the 2011 models delivered to auto showrooms across North America and Mexico.

The recall bulletin was sent out from GM to the dealers who will in turn notify all their customers in the coming weeks. GM intends to foot the bill for any repairs related to the recall if the work is done through the dealer-owned garages.

This specific recall has less to do with replacing a part in the seatbelt system than it does with correcting an issue in the assembly of the seatbelt. This is according to GM spokesman Alan Adler. Bottom line: it sounds like a simple fix.

Every one of those parts in an auto has its own story of origin. Tracing back the buckles would lead you first to the Autoliv Inc. company which supplied them to GM. However, Autoliv actually got the buckles from Hyojin of Korea.

Breaking down the list of recalled autos, GM said that 67,805 are Equinox models, 29,926 are Terrain models, and 13,405 are SRX models. If you or someone you know has one of those 2011 model you should contact your dealer to schedule an appointment for the repair. Owners don’t have to wait to be notified to get their seatbelts fixed. In fact, drivers of recall vehicles might just want to jump ahead of the line to avoid the rush before the dealers start sending out the notifications after the New Year.


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