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First Chevy Volt Sale Nets $225K For Charity

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On: Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 10:43AM | By: Chris Weiss

First Chevy Volt Sale Nets $225K For Charity

Well, it looks like the Chevy Volt has one-upped the Nissan Leaf yet again. The Nissan Leaf was having a pretty good week, what with beating the Volt to the market and completing its first official sale last weekend. It was a big news story earlier this week that the Nissan Leaf was officially on the market. Meanwhile, Chevy barely managed to get Volts on the road to dealerships days later.

But Chevy has turned it around. What Nissan's story lacked was a feel good charity angle. Sure, it beat the Volt to the market, but its car just went to Joe Family Man, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who wanted an electric car with room for two children. Actually, public perception might even be that a Silicon Valley entrepreneur is more of an elite, as opposed to an average Joe. A front-line, tech-savvy guy buying the world's first mass-produced electric car, yes, but not necessarily the guy that most Americans can relate to.

What the public can always relate to: kids, good deeds and charity. And that's the image that Chevy created for its first Volt sale.

Instead of just selling the car to any old buyer through its dealership network, GM held an online auction for the sale of its first Volt. That auction closed on Tuesday and saw Rick Hendrick as official Volt buyer # 1. Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and chairman of Hendrick Automotive Group, paid $225,000 for the first Volt, a rather steep premium over the car's $41,000 MSRP. But that's a good thing since the money will be going to Detroit Public Schools Foundation for math, science, engineering and technology programs throughout the school system.

General Motors North America President Mark Reuss explained the significance behind the donation: "Every aspect of the Volt – from its aerodynamic shape to its battery chemistry – is a testament to the importance of math and sciences. Now, the first Volt will help cultivate the next generation of engineers who will build upon the Volt’s innovative technologies."

Hendrick was enthused about the purchase: "This was an opportunity to own a piece of history while giving back to the community. I have been a Chevrolet dealer for more than 30 years, and the Volt is one of the most exciting and important new cars since we opened our first dealership in 1976...The Detroit Public Schools will prepare the next generation of talented engineers and technicians who will help Chevrolet and Hendrick Motorsports compete at a high level on the racetrack every weekend."

Hendrick is a car collector, and his Volt will be delivered to his collection later this month.

GM began shipping Volt models to dealers in select states earlier this week, so the second, third, fourth...Volts will soon be available.


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