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Audi Quattro A Go Go

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On: Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 1:02PM | By: John Welch

Audi Quattro A Go Go

In the last decade Audi has absolutely dominated open-formula sports car racing. Recently, Peugeot has stolen some of Audi's thunder, but overall Audi will be remembered as the brand that dominated Le Mans at the beginning of the Twenty First Century. Before tackling the sports car world, Audi dominated a different form of balls-out open rules racing. It was called Group B, and like all racing that starts with the infinitely cool moniker "Group", it was to good to have a future. The cars of Group B were nutso turbocharged demons, and they did their best to kill every driver crazy enough to strap in and go for a relaxing drive in the woods. Many drivers lost their lives in the few short years Group B was around; because of this the insane lack of safety regulation simply could not continue. Though Group B didn't make it out of the Eighties, the legends created by the monstrous Group B cars will continue to grow on the Internet and elsewhere.

Audi's contribution to Group B would spawn a road car, necessary for homologation, that is instantly recognizable by boxy shape and name: Quattro. Every all wheel drive Audi since has carried  a "Quattro" badge, but none have captured the mystique of the original. The blat of the turbo five cylinder engine is unmistakable, the fender flares highly outrageous, the awd grip tenacious to a fault. The looks of the Quattro tick all of my Mad Max Apocalypse Car boxes; square headlamps, angular proportions, two doors. The original Audi Quattro has long deserved a second coming.

And so it shall be, Audi announcing this week that its drop dead gorgeous Audi Quattro Concept will in fact make it to production. The fenders may have been toned down, but the essential ingredients remain. A blown, 408 bhp five-pot, mounted lengthwise and connected to that ever present AWD system. The car should weigh in under 3,000 lbs., like the original, and should be able to eclipse 60 mph in under four seconds. And it will look astounding when it does.

The new Audi Quattro is essentially a chopped and shortened Audi S5 chassis. This makes it easy to build. A good thing to consider; Audi will only say that a "limited number" of Quattro coupes will be made, and that statement never pans out well for American customers. There is a good chance that we won't get many Audi Quattro's, if at all. The original Quattro went to 664 American homes between 1982 and 1986, a number befitting Italian exotics. We will be lucky if we receive that many new Audi Quattros'.

Take a look at the image gallery provided, but prepare yourself. This is one eye watering machine, perfectly proportioned with angles in all the right places. It should be fairly easy for Audi to produce, so we have our fingers crossed in hopes of a large North American allocation . . .

Howsabout some movies?

. . . and now, finally, the new Quattro . . .

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