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Honda Still At Work On NSX Successor

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On: Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 5:37PM | By: Chris Weiss

Honda Still At Work On NSX Successor

Currently, Honda stands as the only one of Japan's Big 3 to not have a flagship sports car. Toyota has the limited, ultra-expensive Lexus LF-A. Nissan has the less exclusive but more affordable GT-R. And Honda doesn't have a car that comes close. Yet. 

Less than a decade ago, Honda was the only one of those three to have anything in its line that could be referred to as a supercar. That car was the Acura NSX, a 3.2-liter V6-powered car with a distinctive and sporty look. That car faded in the middle of the decade and left Honda without much of a sports car presence. But that all could change. Rumors of an NSX successor are nothing new, but it had looked as though Honda had scrapped any plans for such a car, thanks to the economic meltdown of recent years. According to Motor Trend, the down economy may have set Honda back, but it didn't end the next NSX project. While it might not be the all-out supercar that the LF-A is, it's expected to be a high-performing hybrid.

According to Motor Trend's report, the NSX successor will be based on a modified Accord platform and will receive primary power from either a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder or a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Those modest powerplants will be augmented with a yet unknown electric motor for a hybrid powertrain that can run on all-electric, gas+electric performance driving or engine only. Early indications are that the V6 engine could put out somewhere around 400 horses, so it will definitely climb a few steps up the performance ladder from the CR-Z.

Further confirming that fact, a Honda employee told Motor Trend: "Honda does not see the CR-Z as a sports car. It's a sporty coupe and a great first try in the hybrid-sports direction. To be called a sports car, a car needs to have the potential of an NSX or an S2000. That's what we need to aim for."

The car will be a coupe and will come in all-wheel-drive configuration. It's not clear what Honda will call the model and whether it will badge the car Acura for the U.S. market the way it did with the NSX. It could come as early as 2014.

While it's great to hear that Honda is still working on an NSX successor, this new hybrid-based sports coupe moves down market from the 550-hp V10-based NSX successor that Honda admitted to working on before the NSX was officially retired. That model was killed off several years ago, and it looks like Honda has decided to meet the economic and eco signs of the times with a smaller, more modest NSX. Either way, we look forward to seeing it.

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