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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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On: Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 12:45PM | By: John Welch

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

GM increases production, television puts JD into a schizophrenic rage, Acura won't stop attaching chrome serving-trays to the front ends of their automobiles . . .

The Good: Good news has been scarce for GM lately. Going bankrupt and then allowing your customers to execute a flawless 'hostile takeover' (hopefully Dr.Weidiking was taking notes) tends to tarnish your public image. Not much has changed since earlier this year, but the New/Good/ExactlytheSame GM is beginning to reorganize its industrial assets, opening certain plants for extra shifts, and rehiring laid off workers.

In January, GM plans to seriously ramp up production of the Buick La Crosse and Chevy Malibu. The current Malibu facility, GM's Orion Township, Michigan, plant is beginning to retool to make small cars, leaving no room for the Malibu. Malibu production will be moved to the Fairfax, Kansas, plant that is already producing the Buick La Crosse. This action will require an extra shift, bringing back a few jobs.

GM is also planning on moving a large portion of its Chevy and GMC truck production to Ford Wayne, Indiana, starting in April. This too will require an extra shift of recently laid off workers.

The third plant to receive an increase in production is Delta Township, Michigan. This plant currently produces a small number of Chevy Traverse SUVs. The situation is bittersweet here, as this plants increase comes because the Spring Hill, Tennessee, plant that currently produces Saturns and the majority of Traverses (Traversi? idk . . ) will cease production in November.

Source: Edmunds Inside Line

The Bad: What passes for auto-themed television in America. Corporate funded 'do-it-yersef' shows are not good enough. I don't want to sit down and watch a twenty-minute Castrol commercial when I was expecting to see an engine swap . . . which is boring on television too. The worst offender (mostly because Speed shows it eighty times a day,) is 'Unique Whips'. Good Gawd, what a waste of film. These jerks are amateur at best. ONE guy knows how to build a stellar speaker box, but this is the Speed channel, and the weight of these speaker boxes negatively affect SPEED itself.

Alas, mine and many others' complaints fall on deaf ears, damaged by the sponsorship money.
Do yourself a favor and NEVER waste any of your precious time watching a high school drop out mount 22s on a Land Rover. It simply isn't entertaining, nor is it impressive in anyway. At least the hokey shows on Spike are actually building things, instead of arguing about nonsense for three quarters of the show and then spray painting mirror housings for the grand finale. Ugh, what complete schlock.

Americans used to produce excellent auto-themed television. Case in point: Victory By Design. Each week Alain DeCadenet would talk some wealthy sucker out of his priceless auto, and take it to a secluded roadway. Alain briefly covered the car's history, followed by strapping on various race helmets and proceeding to dog the ever-living crap out of these rare, exotic beauties. Below is a short video of the program. Notice how Alain keeps his thoughts to himself and allows us to hear the orchestral shriek of the Ferrari V12. Produced, filmed, and edited by Americans, Victory By Design is one of many programs that are sorely missed.

Source: Speed

The Ugly: The Acura ZDX. As if the Venza and BMW X6 weren’t bad enough, now Honda's chrome-happy luxury brand, Acura, is getting into the 'Violently Ugly Sport Crossover Hatchback Doohickey' game. This is not an attractive vehicle. I don't care what Car and Driver has to say, it looks like a beached sea lion. With the general shape of a rectal thermometer and the trademark Acura 'yards of chrome' grille, the ugly-stick must have run a marathon on this contraption's face. The taillights are strangely pleasing, owing to the concave surface running up the back of the rear fender. A horrid design feature from every angle except the rear three-quarter view.

I wish Honda wouldn't buy into these goofy trends. They're planning an even more ugly version of the ZDX called the CrossTour. The CrossTour has had a rocky start to its tenuous life, labeled 'ugly' by the public in an incident that turned into a P.R. nightmare for Honda. America is ready to deal with wagons, guys; quit trying to overthink style and just give us the quality products you already sell in Europe. Sheesh.

Source: Personal Disgust, no link

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RoadKill | 9:44AM (Mon, Sep 28, 2009)

There is an ass for every seat, because I still see some god awful Aztec''s on the road.

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