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Alleged Specs For Lamborghini Jota Leak

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On: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 3:51PM | By: Chris Weiss

Alleged Specs For Lamborghini Jota Leak

The Paris Motor Show came and went. It left quite an impression. But if there was one little thing missing it was the Lamborghini Jota. Originally thought to be Lamborghini's big trick for the Paris show, the Jota didn't make it on stage with the Sesto Elemento. Yes, the Sesto was impressive. It was ultralight and super hot in a minimalistic, function-over-form way. But it wasn't real. It was but a proof of concept. And having heard a rumor about both the Jota and Sesto debuting together at Paris, there was a little disappointment about not seeing the Jota.

Well, according to new rumors out of a secret prototype showing in Singapore it will only be a couple months. The car will debut in Geneva, and to keep us hungry, a few key specs have leaked.

According to the rumors, which originally appeared on FerrariChat forums, the code name for the Jota is LP700-4, which indicates 700 horses worth of power, likely tucked into a big V12 powerplant. That engine is rumored to have 6.5 liters of displacement.

The last we heard, the Jota was supposedly going by the name "LB715-5." That rumor originated in 0-60 before the Paris Motor Show and came from a supposed dealer sneak preview. However, that was the same rumor that indicated Lamborghini would be showing two models (Jota and Sesto) at the Paris Motor Show. So we can basically discount that entire rumor and assume that there's a better chance the new numbers are correct. And an all-wheel-drive configuration alluded to by the "4" sure makes more sense than five-wheel drive.

More interesting than the engine, is that the new Lambo flagship will reportedly use some of the composite technology Lamborghini showed off on the Sesto, making use of a carbon fiber monocoque chassis that cuts about 500 lbs. of weight off.

The performance numbers are rumored at 2.9 seconds to 62 mph and a 217 mph top speed--not quite as quick as the Sesto, but impressive just the same.

While it's always hard to trust rumors (just look at that one about the Paris appearance of the Jota), these add up. Lamborghini said when it was teasing the Sesto that the car was basically a game-changer for the company and would demonstrate guiding principles used in future models. So the carbon chassis and loss of 500 lbs. make plenty of sense. And since Lamborghini started teasing the Jota back in June, we know it's coming soon and the Geneva Motor Show looks about like the next logical place. The output figures are pretty similar to what we've been seeing all along.

Hopefully we'll see solid information well before March.


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