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Toyota Drops the Ultimate Swagger Wagon at SEMA

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On: Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 10:19AM | By: Chris Weiss

Toyota Drops the Ultimate Swagger Wagon at SEMA

Toyota has been striving to bring back one of the most mocked cliches of the late 20th century: the minivan. Like it or not (not), we're all too familiar with the rhyme-spitting, image-obsessed Sienna family of Swagger Wagon fame. Toyota's family of four has been trying to make its Sienna minivan cool for a while now.

This week, Toyota pulled out some bigger tricks in its mission to give some street cred to the Sienna mini. They basically threw out the "mini," exaggerated the utility of the minivan beyond belief and destroyed any practicality that this particular mode of transportation has. What is left is known as the Swagger Wagon Supreme.

Basically a pimped out Sienna limo, the Swagger Wagon Supreme is a Sienna SE V-6 stretched out by nearly four feet--44 inches to be exact--for the project. Toyota developed it in conjunction with B.A.D. Company (they can't deny).

You'd think that a move like that would be done to include more seats--perhaps allowing you to cart the entire soccer team around rather than just a few members. But that would be the old stereotypical minivan. Not the Swagger Wagon of 2010. The stretched out cabin helps to give parents up front some needed space from their yelling, bickering kids. Meanwhile, the kids in back get all kinds of room because seating is limited to two swiveling chairs and a rear bench. Kids can frolick and play with their toys while giving their parents a little peace. Brazilian cherry hardwood seems like an odd choice for a cabin designed for kids, but that's what the Supreme sports.

To keep the children busy, there is a 23-inch HP Touchsmart computer-based in-car entertainment system that includes an Xbox 360 and a a 12-speaker, 1700-watt audio system. While Toyota was guided by the vision "always for kids, now for parents too," this thing seems like a helluva a lot of fun for any kid. Older kids are sure to be arguing for the first time about who has the displeasure of shotgun.

Other modifications include adjustable air suspension, 20-inch KMC wheels and custom spoiler. As you might suspect, this is a one-off concept with no production foreshadowing.

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RoadKill | 3:52PM (Fri, Nov 5, 2010)

WOW!... That would be pretty bad-ass for tailgating...

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