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Lexus Launches Real Life Driving Simulation Technology

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On: Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 4:53PM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Lexus Launches Real Life Driving Simulation Technology

The next big thing from Lexus is not a car!  Lexus has designed the world’s most advanced driving simulator, located in Higashifuji, Japan where the company’s research campus is housed. The simulator is a dome-shaped structure, 15 feet high and 56 feet in diameter, located on top of a series of complex interlocking full motion tracks that run across a room the size of a football field.

Step inside the dome to discover a genuine Lexus car mounted to a turntable that allows drivers to test drive the actual steering wheel, gear shift, and accelerator. An imaging system with high definition displays provide a 360-degree view of roads around the vehicle. Traffic is visible and audible, as are images of a city surrounding the scene, just like it would be in a real life driving scenario. 

The pod is actually able to tilt forward and backward and side to side to create a feeling of being in a real vehicle when the driver accelerates. The pod then moves along the track system in every direction simulating the feeling of turning corners and other driving sensations. The pod can even duplicate the feeling of going up to 180 miles per hour.

This advanced technology in the simulator was created to help Lexus to do ongoing testing to evaluate driving behavior and motorists’ reaction time, to facilitate engineering of new safety features to protect motorists and passengers at a whole new level.

Lexus also tests for driver response while distracted by technology such as text messaging, navigation systems, and car warnings and displays, as well as other safety issues.

A new television commercial featuring the simulator is titled “It’s Out There” has been launched by Lexus. According to Automotive News.com, the commercial is “the latest in a long-standing tradition from the automaker of creatively demonstrating product attributes and brand philosophy in a way that’s entertaining and impactful." From the brand’s new commercial featuring the Lexus hybrid line, to the more recent brand spot “Pitch”, and vehicle campaign “Music Track,” which featured the LFA and IS, such demonstration commercials have become a Lexus trademark.

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