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Civil War: Bentley Sues Axl Rose

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On: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 4:37PM | By: Chris Weiss

Civil War: Bentley Sues Axl Rose

It would seem to me that leasing a $200,000 car to a rock star with a well-documented history of violent and erratic behavior is a bad idea. But for some reason, Bentley had to learn that the hard way. According to news reports, Bentley has a filed a civil lawsuit against Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose for unpaid bills and damage to a leased Flying Spur.

In a perfect storm of what not to do when leasing a car, Rose returned the leased 2006 Flying Spur a few months late, had nearly $75,000 worth of outstanding payments and fees due on it, drove it 42,000 miles more than was allowed in the lease agreement and returned it with some significant damage. Damage reportedly included a cracked windshield, dents in two doors, a smashed taillight, two bad tires and a gouged bumper. Oh yeah, and he lost the original key. The lease, which was obtained through Bentley Financial Services, dates back to 2005.

Is it me, or should Bentley have found an excuse--any excuse--not to lease a $192,000 Flying Spur to Axl? Rock stars in general have a reputation for substance abuse and reckless behavior, and even they're embarrassed by Axl's history of attacking fans and such.

Axl and a Bentley don't even look or sound right. Sure, he's made enough money to buy a garage full of Bentleys, but he's more the type of guy that gets into brawls with stereotypical Bentley drivers. Like Tommy Hilfiger. He'd look a lot better in something more angry and powerful like a suped-up Mustang or a Lamborghini LM002. The luxurious, ultra-premium four-door just doesn't exude "Welcome to the Jungle" the way any Axl-driven ride should.

Anyway, it's hard to really take sides on this one. The minute I dropped Flying Spur keys into Rose's hand is the minute that I'd know I was in for some financial hurt. I'd be happy that the car only had cosmetic damage. It doesn't seem like Bentley is live and let die, however.


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