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2009 Hurst Series 5 Challenger: Gentleman's Hot Rod Enters 21st Century

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On: Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 1:03PM | By: John Welch

2009 Hurst Series 5 Challenger: Gentleman's Hot Rod Enters 21st Century

Let's say you woke up one morning and realized that you finally had the means to own any car your heart desires. Would you go for the requisite Ferrari or Porsche? Would you buy an older car and restore it? Would you get a hoopty, a muscle car, a European exotic, a Concourse winner?

Most people, in the real world, dive head first into some endless basket-case of a project and never realize their final goal. Phillip Anderson is not that guy. Knowing full well that his time is his most important commodity, and that he didn't have room for a half-finished project that he could never devote time to, and that he did not lust after Euro machinery in quite that same way as American Iron, Mr. Anderson went about his dream car search in a more logical way than most men would. And, being totally honest, it wasn't even a man who worked through all of this mental puffery—it was Phillip's wife.

Ruthelise Anderson knew her husband desired a car that would turn heads, haul ass, and not get him arrested while doing it. She knew that he had enjoyed Hurst automobiles his entire life and she knew that buying a Hurst meant exclusivity that could not be gained through any but the most rare European car. Okay, things are going well if your wife knows who or what Hurst is in the first place, but Ruthelise did one better. She bought Mr. Anderson the last Hurst Series Five Dodge Challenger made in 2009. That would number 15 of 15. Slathered in gorgeous bright white paint, broken up by gold stripes, this Challenger meets all of the requirements laid out by Phillip when originally considering a high performance car, and ticks a few extra boxes along the way.

Sold to Ruthelise by famed Hurst dealer Woodhouse Auto Family, located in Omaha, Nebraska, this Challenger is signed by everyone who worked on it, as well as Bill Pemberton. Pemberton is the sales maestro at Woodhouse, and has sold new Hurst vehicles dating back to the Hurst Oldsmobile 442. Mr. Anderson has one of those as well; more on that car later.

Time for hard numbers. The Series Five Hurst is centered on a Vortech V3 centrifugal supercharger. Though not quite, the V3 is a much improved version of the famous V1 and V2, combining earth-shattering horsepower with lighting quick throttle response and reduced maintenance. Zero lag, along with a monstrous 572 bhp makes for one snappy Dodge. This car belies its size with cougar reflexes that would be expected of a Miata . . . or an actual cougar.

The sound from the engine bay is betrayed by the video we took of it. The supercharger does not drown out the 6.1 liter Hemi as badly in person. The exhaust burbles with a purposeful note, but never are there any hiccups in the idle or sudden spikes of boost from the hair dryer. The suspension is modified, appropriately enough; the Hurst Challenger hunkers down on its massive five-spoked HRE rims like a good show car should. A very impressive package, one that will become ever more valuable as time goes on. Jay Leno has a Hurst Challenger, but his is only a Series 4. Sorry, Jay, we have a sweeter Hurst down here in Dixie.

I mentioned another car owned by Mr. Anderson, a 1970 Hurst Olds 442. This car is original down to the over spry on the trunk lid and hand painted pinstripes. It deserves its own write up. Which it will get, on Wednesday. You can see images of this car from last week's Lake Mirror Classic in other AutoShopper Blog posts; it's a beaut, I promise.

For the time being, enjoy the video and images of one of the nicest Dodge's ever built. It found its way to Florida and we are forever grateful. Astounding interpretation of a true muscle car; I hope my wife and I have half as much taste as Ruthelise and Phillip Anderson.

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