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Christmas Camaro Convertible Sells Out In Three Minutes Flat

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On: Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 9:22AM | By: Chris Weiss

Christmas Camaro Convertible Sells Out In Three Minutes Flat

As detailed earlier this month, Neiman Marcus is offering a special-edition Chevy Camaro Convertible in its Christmas Book this year. Or at least that's what it was offering. After going on sale Tuesday at noon, the Camaro Convertible sold out in just three minutes.

It's hardly surprising that the Neimann's Camaro sold out, though the sheer speed by which it sold is a little shocking. The first 2011 Camaro Convertible to be available to buyers, the Neimann model is an SS-spec Camaro with 426-hp 6.2-liter V8 engine with either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic. It's biggest claim to fame isn't under the hood, however; it's around the exterior. The car features an absolutely stunning "Deep Bordeaux" paint scheme that changes tints depending upon the light conditions. That color is matched with barely-visible ghosted racing stripes, giving the special-edition convertible a truly unique look.

Inside, Chevy paid a lot more attention to detail than you'd typically expect in a Camaro, adding luxury touches like amber leather seats and black leather side panels.

While it's not surprising that 100 people would line up for the sexy Camaro, it is surprising that they so willingly forked over $75,000 for it. That's 2.5 times the base price of the Camaro Convertible ($30,000), with no performance upgrades from the SS. Chevy clearly made a very compelling case with the Camaro, though. While it's not uncommon for Neimann's car of the year to sell out, three minutes is pretty fast. Last year, it took the 50 $105,000 Jaguar XJL Supercharged models over four hours to sell out.

Those who were lucky enough to get their order processed will receive their cars in the spring.

For those of us who can't afford $75,000 for a fancy paint job, the run-of-the-mill 2011 Camaro Convertible will be hitting the market next year. We'll get a chance to see it at the LA Auto Show next month.

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