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BMW and Mercedes Add iPad Mount Option

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On: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:37PM | By: Chris Weiss

BMW and Mercedes Add iPad Mount Option

The iPad has got to be the official electronics accessory of the year. It's also kind of a trendy status symbol, so it's no surprise that some people might want to mount it prominently in their vehicles to show how hip they are. And two luxury automakers, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, will be giving their customers just that opportunity. Both companies announced their own customized iPad mounts.

A tad short of the completely Apple-overed Mercedes S Class iBusiness announced by tuning firm Brabus earlier this year, but still a way of getting your daily dose of "i" in your car, the new mounts basically let you replace the headrest LCD displays that are so five years ago.

BMW announced its model at the Paris Motor Show, demonstrating it on the new 2011 X3. It will likely be available as an option for other BMW models beginning next year. The mount attaches to the back of the headrest and allows you to spin your iPad for both landscape and portrait mode. So instead of being limited to passive video-watching, you can also play games, type, and browse the Web. Mercedes' version doesn't sound as adjustable as the BMW model and secures around the headrest.

Neither company has announced how much the iPimping will cost.

As far as the Brabus iBusiness, it's a Mercedes S Class that features a Mac Mini control unit that serves as the central brain of the car for music, navigation, and telephone. Each rear seat is equipped with an iPad, but instead of being mounted to the headrest, they're stored on table tops connected to the back of the front seats. That's because the headrests include your standard LCD displays—just in case you want some video playing in the background while you tool with your iPad. There's also a 15-inch Mac display mounted between the front seats, and the iPads also include wireless keyboards. It's like Apple had one too many at the local bier haus and threw up all over the back seat of an S Class.

I've got to say that the iPad has to be the most overexposed device of all time. In about half a year of it being on the market, I've seen accessories that put it in the car, in the home theater system, and even in bed. I know there are hordes of Jobs disciples and I know Apple makes a mean lifestyle device, but do you really need an underpowered computer every single place that you ever go? Think about it before you put the money on an accessory like this.


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