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Rich Man's Rage: BMW Drivers Are The Angriest In Britain

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On: Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 12:32PM | By: Chris Weiss

Rich Man's Rage: BMW Drivers Are The Angriest In Britain

No offense to all the good, decent folk that drive BMWs, but I've always gotten the idea that BMW drivers as a greater group are some of the douchiest on the road. This may be an unfair stereotype, but it seems to me that all too many 6 Series and X5 drivers are the type of newly-made yuppies that just need to make a point about their freshly garnered socioeconomic status. And the quickest ticket to do that for someone that really doesn't care that much about cars is to buy a BMW. While there are certainly BMW models that convey a sense of taste and automotive connoisseurship, the average BMW has always struck me as the status symbol for those that don't really take cars seriously. Get a kidney grille to show your wealth and forget it.

Long story short, the type of people that consider a car a status symbol are exactly the entitled types I'd expect to see acting like reckless jackbags that own the road and flipping people off just for driving more pedestrian vehicles like Corollas and Malibus.  In fact, to get an idea of just the type of uber-tool I'm thinking of, take a look at the asshat Bimmer driver in the video below.

A recent survey in Britain found that maybe there's more than just unfair stereotyping there. The survey conducted by GoCompare, a Wales-based insurance research company, found that BMW drivers were the most reckless, angriest, dreaded drivers on the left side of the road.

The survey questioned 3,000 British drivers on who they thought were the rudest, angriest and most dangerous drivers on the road. And that roulette wheel o' road rage came up BMW more times than not. Over half those in the poll reported having some type of bad experience with a BMW driver and complaints included tailgating, speeding, and cut-offs. It's not clear how many of those incidents involved a Bimmer pilot coming to a dead stop, getting out of the car and commiting egregiously unwarranted verbal assault (again, watch the video; it's a classic), but nearly a quarter of all survey respondents did mention having an incident where a driver (not necessarily a BMW driver) stopped and got out of the car.

The respondents were picked at random and filled the survey out online.

While BMW drivers were the worst offenders, they weren't alone on the list of most unsavory drivers. Another feared category of drivers was what the survey called "white van drivers" a.k.a. delivery drivers. Following those top two were Audi drivers (probably pretty comparable to BMW drivers), Ford, Land Rover, and truck drivers.

I'm surprised truck drivers came in so low on the list. Not sure what the trucking industry is like in the U.K. but crazy truck drivers that drench my car in muddy water going 70 m.p.h. down the highway would be toward the top of my personal list.



Pengiknits | 2:52PM (Fri, Nov 19, 2010)

I guess I feel the same way most British drivers do. I have even seen a guy driving a BMW block a whole lane of traffic to stop and get food from one of those mobile food trucks. There was plenty of space in the parking lot for his car, but he just stopped right in the middle of the road. Delivery drivers are pretty bad to. They just seem to stop anywhere that is good for them and forget about the thousands of other drivers on the road.


cindysadams | 3:06PM (Mon, Dec 13, 2010)

BMW Drivers should respect the road to all other dirivers no matter what they drive.

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