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Ohio Dealer Running for Congress Faces Two Lawsuits

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On: Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 10:22AM | By: Sherry Christiansen

Ohio Dealer Running for Congress Faces Two Lawsuits

Ohio auto dealer, Tom Ganley is running for Congress this year. Ganley is a 67-year-old Republican who is on the board of the National Automobile Dealers Association, and he faces two lawsuits pertaining to his professional conduct that is bringing unsolicited press to his political campaign.

Ganley Auto Group, located in Cleveland, is one of Ohio’s largest dealership groups with 28 franchises in 17 locations, including Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, and Volkswagen. Ganley has received criticism from other dealers for condemning the cash for clunkers program last year after selling a total of $20 million vehicles in the program.    
Russell Harris, former on-staff attorney for Ganley, claimed he was fired after he questioned Ganley about the dealer’s testimony during Chrysler arbitration hearings last year.

Ganley had stated in his testimony that Chysler delivered hundreds of inadequate vehicles, that had not been ordered, to his dealership, causing his sales to suffer. Those complaints were never substantiated by witnesses, and Harris concluded that he was unable to prove Ganley’s claims. Ganley maintains he fired Harris “on the spot for some of his conduct and performance at the arbitration,” Brent Buckley, Ganley’s current lawyer, said. Ganley’s claim was an attempt to win back reinstatement of 3 dealerships that Chrysler had closed, in the end he withdrew his claim and settled with Chrysler.

In another recent lawsuit, Ganley was sued by a job candidate; Ganely allegedly offered her a dealership position in exchange for sexual favors. The 39-year-old applicant says that when she declined Ganley’s proposition, he retracted his offer.

“I deny every allegation made in this baseless lawsuit,” Ganley said in a statement. “I will not allow this lawsuit to distract from the issues with my campaign for Congress, as I've done nothing wrong.” Buckley stated: “the woman's suit is nothing more than an effort to discredit him, we don't know why.” The suits total over $25K in damages and have attracted much press coverage as the November 2nd elections draw near.

On the website that promotes “Tom Ganely for U.S. Congress” the following statement is written: “the campaign will not be derailed or distracted by a baseless lawsuit.”

Ganley is largely financing his own campaign.

Ganely’s opponent successfully represented dealer interests by endorsing the cash for clunkers bill and pushing for dealer-arbitration legislation that Ganley publicly criticized, all the while capitalizing on the program by making a $20 million profit through his dealerships.

Brent Buckley, Ganley’s lawyer in the suit brought by Harris, stated that Ganley’s claim, “appears to us to be a case of an unhappy, dismissed employee.”

And then, there is this . . .


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