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More Volt News: Chevy Hoping To Score With World Series Commercials

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On: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 10:22AM | By: Chris Weiss

More Volt News: Chevy Hoping To Score With World Series Commercials

What's more American than the Chevy name and the elbow grease and ingenuity behind a product like the Chevy Volt? Baseball, of course! And GM will capitalize on this all-American connection when it officially begins Volt advertising with a series of spots during the World Series.

The World Series begins October 27 and will run as long as November 4, depending upon how the on-field drama unfolds. And with the Volt set to launch in the United States in mid-November, the big-draw sporting event is the perfect venue for Chevy to start pushing its Volt.

This weekend marks the end of the MLB's regular season and will decide who goes to the playoffs and how they're seeded. It would appear that someone has a little love for the eco-friendly Volt and its parents because the teams should work out to the company's advantage.

The Volt is scheduled to debut in select markets including California, New York, Michigan, Connecticut, Texas, New Jersey, and the Washington D.C area. The Texas Rangers and New York Yankees have both clinched spots in the playoffs. The San Francisco Giants, and possibly the San Diego Padres, should also be headed to the playoffs. The Philadelphia Phillies clinched playoffs with the National League's best record, which means New Jersey will be represented by the Yankees in the north and Philadelphia in the south. I'm sure Chevy would have loved to see the Detroit Tigers and Washington Nationals in there to give it a 100 percent chance of effective marketing, but neither of those teams had much of a chance.

In what would be the perfect world for GM, Blake Oestreicher of sports blog Bleacher Report predicted the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees for the World Series. The New York Yankees are always a safe bet in October, and are currently tied for the American League's best record of 94-65. They're already going to the playoffs and this weekend will determine whether they win the American League East or make it in as the wild card. Meanwhile, San Francisco has a 91-68 record and sits three games over the outside-looking-in San Diego Padres. Based upon regular season play, another likely match-up would be a rematch of last year's World Series: Yankees at Phiiladelphia, in which case GM would have New York and New Jersey thoroughly covered and could expect to draw some interest from Washington D.C. and Connecticut. It seems unlikely that Chevy's marketing campaign won't be at least partially targeted exactly where it wants to be.

After the World Series, GM will continue to run Volt commercials through the plug-in's launch on November 11.

Meanwhile, Chevy will also hit the ground running with a grassroots campaign in which it will be touring select cities around the U.S. with the Volt. Between October and November, Chevy will stop in 12 cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Antonio, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Washington, D.C., Raleigh, North Carolina, New York City, and Chicago.

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Mysticstarman | 5:25PM (Sat, Oct 9, 2010)

Well GM/Chevrolet seems like you've taken such a good design in your first concept car to the level of a Vega. You said all the changes were to get every mile you could out of the batteries. But now you've come out saying this car will only get 25 miles on batteries alone. Might be you should have kept the first more appealing design that started all the excitement. You use it for your Caddies, must not be that bad. You've taken all of the appeal out of a winner and dropped the ball. We hopeful buyers are asking WHY? WHY GM? WHY CEO? WHY DESIGNERS? WHY DID YOU ALL RUIN SUCH A PROMISING CAR? I even bought stock in GM when I saw the pictures you used to show people where you planned on going with GM. Ended you took the air out of a beautiful car and ended up with a fancy VEGA.

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